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Friday, April 26, 2019
NAACP Leader-Racial Questions

Rachel Dolezal Won’t Stop Talking

This woman ehn?! So Rachel Dolezal 'blacked' up for years and wore an afro wig, and I guess she thought that made her black. She got caught for her shenanigans when her oyinbo parents outed...
Alhaji Gay

Police and EFCC Informant, Alhaji Gay, Murdered

419 and yahoo yahoo boys all around the world rejoice as one today as it has been reported that 'Alhaji Gay' has been murdered this morning in Lagos. His real name is Razak Adetunji...

Dabota Lawson Launches Cosmetic Range Under Her Company: Billionaire Wife Ltd

Y'all. Seriously, y'all. You know what? Lemme just tell the story: Former beauty queen and wife of billionaire businessman Sunny Aku, Dabota Lawson has launched a new line of cosmetics called, well, Dabota Cosmetics. The...
Customer strips naked in bank 4

If Na You Nko? Customer Strips Naked In Banking Hall In Bank Debit Protest

Lemme not lie, I'm feeling this guy live and direct! Apparently, customers at a banking hall were treated to a scene when a frustrated customer came in and stripped right down to his boxers...
china car son

Mum REFUSES To Break Into Expensive BMW Window To Save Toddler Son From Heat

Priorities, priorities, eh? The picture above shows emergency services trying to save a young toddler against the wishes of his mum! A woman has incurred the wrath of people all over the internet after...
Comedy skit toyin aimakhu yomi black

Who You Calling Fat?? Yomi Black & Toyin Aimakhu Do A Comedy Skit for...

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, when Sunday said those words and called his woman FAT, even I clutched my pearls! Yomi Black is known for his funny skits and he's now started a series for Access...
Sapele Water

You Wanna Watch That Sapele Water. It’ll Getcha!

I'm not even mad at him. Clearly the force is strong with this one. I'm scared of his partner who's out here calmly matching him back-snap for back-snap! https://www.facebook.com/mynigerianmusic/videos/10152801828871044/?fref=nf