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Monday, July 22, 2019
Crack Ya Ribs-65

Julius Agwu, Okey Bakassi, AY, Kojo and Many More Thrill The Crowd at Crack...

You know how it goes: you know you're going to a comedy show. You're preparing yourself for a good time. You know it's going to be a Naija comedy show, so you're dressed to...

Viva Naija vs Michael Tubes on the Will Smith ‘Concussion’ Film. What’s Your Take?

That's how I was just there minding my own business o, doing my Instagram jejely. Michael Tubes called me to say he didn't agree with my Instagram post regarding Will Smith and his...shall we...
Julius Agwu Crack Ya Ribs

Press Conference with Julius Agwu, Oyinbo Princess & Other Stars of Crack Ya Ribs...

Julius Agwu - the force behind the Crack Ya Ribs movement is in town and took a moment to sit down with press to talk about the passion for entertainment that has kept him...
An African Wife

Is This What A Real African Wife Is Like?

Someone sent me this video. It's hilarious, true, but I can't work out if it's meant to be satire or these are the virtues being paraded as those of The Real African Woman. Thoughts? https://www.facebook.com/227193803990004/videos/vb.227193803990004/941523525890358/
Skiibii Skit 2

#Skiibii The Resurrected Parodied In New Comedy Skit

Beht why are you people even like dis sef? Why must I laugh till I cry?? So a trio took it upon themselves to do a skit as to what must have been going...

Hilarious Tinz! Funniest Tweets For Trending Hashtag #WhenAliensMeetNigerians

Our sense of humour is second to none, and if you're ever in doubt, just start a hypothetical Twitter hashtag and watch Naija folk just kee you with laugh! https://twitter.com/Freaking_Famous/status/634110179768930304 https://twitter.com/TheLoulette/status/633985430426357761 https://twitter.com/Skiwo/status/634128664666505216 https://twitter.com/Tolvwani/status/634085173269786624 https://twitter.com/Tolvwani/status/634094912284291072 https://twitter.com/micpriest/status/634112450795806720 https://twitter.com/i_am_pixelhub/status/634101055752699904 https://twitter.com/feranmicharles/status/634072155626541056 https://twitter.com/unseriousmind/status/634062869362044928 https://twitter.com/The_Africanist/status/634027303207596033 https://twitter.com/AshipaOfLagos/status/634005745193885696 https://twitter.com/C_LimeLight/status/634004923097726976 https://twitter.com/HelenofIbadan/status/633998612184305664 https://twitter.com/TheLoulette/status/633986248030425088  

Lol! Shant Gree Tinz on the Streets of London

That moment when you want to let the haters know that you're just not playing with them at all at all

15 Seconds With a Waist-Man: Dancer Extraordinaire

That moment when you watch a young man do his thing and you realise that you don't even know how to dance. I've watched this 6 times in 3 minutes and can't seem to get...
Sagging Pants

LOL-age! The Future of Saggin’ Your Trousers

All you "Hey yo, hey yo!" boys. Keep saggin' your pants o, you hear. This is how the matter will end eventually. :lol: :lol: :lol: https://www.facebook.com/IamPunarnaviBhupalam/videos/917514834976247/?pnref=story

You Know Your Mum Is Nigerian When…

You know your mum is Nigerian - when she says "Get my kini" and believes with all confidence that she gave birth to a mind reader when you say "Mummy, I'm Sorry" and she replies "Sorry...