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Thursday, January 23, 2020
African Soldiers World War II - 2

Nigerians: The Forgotten Army of WWII and Why We Must Do Better

This makes me so indescribably sad; I'm actually tearing up. Not just because they were forgotten. Not just because there isn't a single wreath in Whitehall for these forgotten soldiers - Lord above knows they have...

“Probing Looters Will Bring No Result” – Cardinal Okogie

I am very afraid o! The way all our priests are suddenly becoming anti-probe. Archbishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos, Anthony Cardinal Olubunmi Okogie, has said that President Muhammadu Buhari’s option of probing looters...
McDonalds Racism Divine Tenn 3

McDonald’s In Racism Row as Divine Tenn is Denied Hours For Being Black

It has been so long since I witnessed racism in its raw, base form, so long since I heard someone actually utter the phrase "It's because you are black", that when I first heard...

Is All Publicity Good Publicity? #skiibii is The New Jesus

So, a hitherto unheard of artiste by the name of Skiibii under same record label as KCEE - 5 Star Records - somehow managed to spread the word  that he'd died all over social...

David Oyelowo AKA ‘Awa Pickin’ Is Next To “Be Bond”

When I keep telling you people that we are here to STAY, you people will think I'm joking. David #Oyelowo is next up to play James Bond… after snaring the role in a forthcoming audiobook;...
Boko Haram -Shekau

Sigh. Boko Haram Militants ‘have new leader’

There have been all sorts of rumours going around. That some Boko Haram militants surrendered willingly. That Shekau might be dead. I was starting to hope. To pray. That perhaps the scourge was over. So...

Man Slut Shames Young Lady on the Tube; Older Passenger Defends Her In Epic...

Grandma isn't here for the foolishness and all of you will have to learn that sooner or later! A middle-aged man tried to make a young lady feel bad about her dressing while on the...
Flight Passenger

Michael Ray Huerta: When Humanity Makes You Proud

Some days you get the chance to make someone's day. Take it and leave a smile on their face. Thank you, M.R. Huerta.

15 Year Old Kimberly Anyadike, the Youngest Female Pilot To Fly Cross Country

A 15 year old African-American girl flies the Igbo flag high as she becomes the youngest female to fly cross country in the US.
TubeStrike London

London Tube Strike Today: Abeg Stand Up And Start Going To Your House O!

Tube strikes cause delays and chaos, but LUL staff have some very serious issues at stake here.