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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Ukrainian PM gets crotch-handled in parliament. Now that’s how you fight for your country!

Now, let me say that violence - however hilarious - is never the answer. But then I think that the only time I have ever seen our politicians actually lose their minds is when they...

Naira Strengthens To N435/$ On CBN Dollar

Economy pundits keep weaving different tunes to this steady and week-long Naira rise against the Dollar, but to the average businessman and most entrepreneurs on the streets of Naija, this is news sweet to...

NYSC Is Tired, Y’all! Bans Pregnant & Nursing Women, PG Students

NYSC came out today to say you people's trouble is just too much! The National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) has barred pregnant women, nursing mothers and all postgraduate students from enlisting in the national service...

Lagos-Ibadan Expressway: Cows on the road, 13 burnt to death in 7-hour fire

Cows on a high road. Fallen fuel tanker. People scooping fuel from gutter. Inferno. People barbecued. Fire Fighters fought for theirs. Fire raged for over 7 hours! The cows could have been ranched, but, No. The...

Heathrow Expansion: British churches might be empty but their boardrooms are full

Today, there was ground breaking news that the Heathrow expansion had hit another milestone. The British government has approved a third runway at the airport to expand UK airport capacity. This has been an ongoing debate...