Changing mindsets one person at a time

changing mindsets

Yesterday, I called a Facebook friend. He’s got a 12-year old.

In the middle of our conversation, his girl requested to speak with me. During our girly chat, I asked her what she wanted to study and become eventually. She gave me a breakdown of her career plans. Very impressive presentation by a 12-year old.

But what impressed me most was the fact that she wanted to become a Governor by the age of 40.

I wanted to push deeper, so I asked her “don’t you want to be the wife of a President?”, but she said “That’s if my husband decides to be a President. But I’m still going to pursue my dreams and be what I want to be”. She also said that her Dad read my post to her on Thursday, so she decided that she wanted to be a Governor or Senator, before she eventually becomes the President. That she never knew that a woman could be a Governor or President, that’s why she initially settled for minister. But now that she knows, she’s changed her mind and upgraded, after her Dad read my post to her.

I was so excited to know that one girl has broken free from bondage.

I then told her that I was going to pay N5k to her Daddy’s account for her, because a future Governor who would be going ahead to become a President deserves to have some nice ice cream every now and then.

That phone conversation made my day.

It took me about 45-minutes to type that post and post on my wall on Wednesday morning.

And speaking to this girl, the fact that I’ve changed the mindset on one little girl makes it absolutely worth my time.

This girl limited herself to the maximum achievement of becoming a minister because she genuinely thought that only men can be Governors and Presidents, and that made her place a limitation on herself from such a young age. I’m glad I was able to correct that. Now she knows that she can be anything she works hard to be. Now she knows that her greatest achievement does NOT have to happen by her existence under the shadows of her husband.

Hilary Clinton inspires me in a way. She’s shown women that helping and supporting your husband to achieve his dreams is NOT mutually exclusive to achieving yours. Even though she didn’t eventually emerge as POTUS, she had a dream, she pursued her dreams. She gave it a good fight. And no matter how the last election turned out, she is still politically one of the most successful women in the history of the US.

When this 12 year old grows a little, she would understand that although not all dreams come through; it doesn’t mean we should stop being ambitious. But for now, let her dream. Let her believe that she will be President. It’s absolutely good for her psychological well-being.

True, not everyone will achieve their dreams. Not every child who dreams to be a President will eventually be. I don’t mean this literally.

I’m only trying to say that no one should be told that they can’t be anything, due to some forms of stereotypes. Such stereotypes place limitations in people’s minds, especially the minds of children.

Whenever I write all these long sermons, I don’t expect to change the world overnight, I just want to change the mindset of at least one person at a time. Easy does it. We shall get there.

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