Chimamanda is Queen of Clapbacks but ARE there libraries in Nigeria?

Chimamanda France Library Clapback

I salute Chimamanda’s quick wit; she’s a witty weaver of warranted retorts to witless questions apparently bereft of thorough thought like this one below:

But then, do we have libraries in Nigeria?

Do Nigerians read?

Can (sic) Nigerians read?*

I know, that the number of churches, mosques, hotels, motels, s

harp-corner, MosĂĄfĂșnetĂł and beer parlours should not necessarily tally equivalently with number of Libraries.

But, dear reader, we both know it’s 1 million RCCG/Winners/Lord’s Chosen/Iya Shanko branches to 1 niggardly-functional library; worse, it’s 10 million of these branches to 1 outrightly non-functional library.

Much worse, it’s like 100 million Bet9ja/Nairabet/Merrybet/Patabet/Shokotobet branches to 1 Lib (the “rary” here is silent) in present day Nigeria.

In fact, someone shuu coman teach me this betting thing sef. Heard one mint teenager, a 14 year-old boy in my neighbourhood, cried himself to stupor some days ago because Real Madrid “cut his ticket” or he’d have won N7 million. I was like, “😳 e mean e?”. Abeg, who’s going to gimme free lessons? “Apply within”. 😁

Back to the issue jare – truth is, Nigerians don’t read, and can’t read, because, to be fair to most, there’s a plethora of wahala to be dealt with. Unfortunately though, that’s still not a genuine reason to abhor reading or its culture so genetically.

Chimamanda’m, my loff, I salute you jare. I also salute every (the few) Nigerian who reads as a staple, just as they eat. But Chimamanda’m, we both know that out of our over 180 million population, not less beyond a third will look at us both in the eye and utter that sufficiently escapist phrase: “Abeg shift! Who laibree epp?”, in retort to this post (of mine).

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