Are You Clear On Your Next Business Step?

Are You Clear On Your Next Business Step?

Imagine trying to climb a flight of stairs in the dark, it is so easy to get a step wrong and tumble all the way back down again.  This is how we run our businesses sometimes, no clarity on the next step and the danger of failing looming right over us.

To be clear on your next step, you need a goal.  What are you aiming for? Whether you are a pre-start-up, start up or existing business owner there is always a need for the next step. Well, except you do not want to grow personally and professionally.

Goals are easy to write but it can be tricky to determine if the goal is for the right reasons – to build your business and your reputation in your field.  To start or grow your business, you need CLARITY – what is the next thing you need to do TODAY?

Pre Business Start-up

So you want to start a business, what are the things you need to do right now to start off right?  Research comes to mind, and is one of the fundamental tasks required to start a business. You need to know:

Who – do you want to sell to? What – do you want to sell to them? Why – do you want to sell it? How – do you want to sell it? Where – do you want to sell it? When – do you want to sell it? 

The answers to these questions is a great starting point for your start-up goals.

Start-up and Existing Business Owners

Where do you want to be in 2 – 5 years time?

Whether you sell online or offline, you need to know the next step for your business.

It all starts with planning each day.  If you can’t get your daily tasks done, then you will probably miss your yearly goals.

Start with one thing, the one thing you need to do today to move your business forward.  I was speaking to a gentleman recently who gave me a business recipe (I embellished it a bit) worth repeating here.  Three things we must constantly do in our businesses are:

Increase traffic to grow your list of subscribers – those interested in what you offer (online and offline).

Consistently give good value – free and paid for.

Constantly monetize and maximise the value of your products and services.

If you can take on this simple recipe and use it every day in your business, then you will surely be taking a giant leap into greater things.

Simple Exercise

Use the business recipe and note one thing you need to do next to get you closer to your business goals and go for it when the next working day comes.

Have faith in your abilities because you have got awesome gifts and talents.

Need Help?

If you need help or struggling to make yourself accountable and complete tasks on time, subscribe to the Building Blocks program.  It is a simple, practical and effective way to help you complete daily tasks that will surely grow your business. There is no tie-in and it is personalised to suit you and the stage of your business.

“The rung of a ladder was never meant to rest upon, but only to hold a man’s foot long enough to enable him to put the other somewhat higher.”  Thomas Huxley.

I wish you business blessings

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