Cleric says Nigeria’s problem is wickedness, not religion


Do you disagree??

While reacting to clashes between Christians and Muslims in the North, the General Overseer of Salvation Power Ministry, Pastor Samuel Agbamuche, has said that religion is not the reason behind violent civil disturbances in the northern part of the country.

Agbamuche said it is wickedness that causes the clashes, and not religion.

But, of course it isn’t. The unfortunate ones will always blame religion for showing them the path, their evil minds compelling them to use whatever means they can, even by twisting the Gospel or merely looking at themselves as beings with a higher power.

Religion is not a mind of its own. Our minds control how religion affects us. What we think of, that opens the door for the devil to use us for evil. 

Agbamuche said, “It is the devil that enters the minds of the people before they begin to act, not religion. Christians, Muslims and traditionalists are not bad people. The mission of the devil is to destroy, steal and kill. Christians and Muslims preach peace.

“We are one people, as Christians we should pray. I don’t think disparity in this country has to do with religion even if you have nothing to believe in, wickedness is placed in the heart of man. Even as Christians when things go wrong, we are quick to blame the church.”

Speaking on the growth of democracy in Nigeria, he declared that God is working and that Nigeria will gradually be delivered from the grasp of the wicked.

“As a country, we have our challenges but God is working on Nigeria. No matter what happened during the elections held, whether you win the elections by rigging or merit, God has a plan for Nigeria and He is working out the plan soon,” he said.

According to him, clerics can be in politics if that is God’s plan for them. 

But, is this another way of saying we’ll be seeing his face on election posters in the near future?

Hmm.. Time will tell. 

For now, agree to disagree, or not.

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