Coca Cola tugs at our heartstrings with the perfect ad about sibling rivalry and love

Coca Cola Advert - Brothers

Every single person who has a sibling relatively close in age will understand sibling rivalry. It is that love/hate relationship with a sibling. Another human who lives in your home; who seems so similar and yet so different from you. I think the younger sibling always feels this more acutely though. A mixture of feelings from adoration to competition to burning love and withering hatred and back to grudging respect. The younger brother or sister lives in a perpetual state of awe and upset.

Coca Cola Advert
That adoring look that only an older brother can put on your face|©Coca Cola Nigeria

I have four older brothers. No human being has ever heard the phrase “Do you see any other girl here? Come on, gerrout!” more than I have in my life. I climbed trees and made kites with eba better than most boys just to fit in. But none of it mattered. I was still the creature who had to go to Mummy Mulikat on Sunday evenings before Tales By Moonlight to get my hair plaited. I was still the person who got them into trouble every other day because “Stop playing rough with your sister! Do you want to wound her? Don’t you know she’s a girl??”

But even I knew it was all a facade. I knew they loved me; I could tell because I was untouchable for miles around. Boys did not pull my hair or bully me like they did with the other girls. Lekan Folarin did once, in 1987, to his detriment. I daresay he still has the bruises to this day. There’s an unspoken agreement: they’re the only ones allowed to mess with you LOL.

Which makes me wonder how come Coca Cola managed to capture all of this in 45 seconds. I swear half of that company’s revenue must go to their creatives and advertising agents. Right from “We are the children of the world, we are the hope of our nation…” all the way to “Coca Cola is it!” Coca Cola has been killing the advertising scene and bringing the positive vibes too!

This latest advert meant for Coca Cola Nigeria is just another in a long list of Coca Cola loveliness. Look ‘pon it and tell us what you feel. Swear it doesn’t make you think about the good ol’ days. Tell me it doesn’t make you wanna call your brother or sister (you should, by the way).

Anyway, Alhaji, take eet! Coca Cola brings us an advert called Brotherly Love, and it shows the bond that exists even beyond sibling rivalry. Here’s your Monday Feel Good:

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