Our coppers are better than yours! London police representing at the Notting Hill Carnival


The Notting Hill Carnival is all about camaraderie and community spirit so it is only right that everyone joins in – the revellers, the chefs, and the peace keepers – no one is exempt from having fun, no matter how serious their role is in making the carnival a success. This is why I love the Metropolitan Police! While keeping the peace, they sure know how to join in and have a good time!

But this is more than just a couple of coppers shakin’ a tail feather, this is a winning strategy. The police must be seen to empathise with the mood of the front while still being dressed in the garb of authority. You do not want to rile up a group of revellers who have imbibed weed and alcohol; revellers you are sworn to protect and to serve. No, you join in the fun whilst making it clear that you are on hand to instil law and order even if anything were to pop off.

Could you imagine police standing in a surly, scowling line? Could you imagine the alienation and the “we vs them” feeling that this would foster?

No, this team spirit, this ONE LONDON is part of what makes this city a great place. Tolerance, respect, and the occasional bum wiggle is the reason why we love London Town!

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