Corruption across board as 12 Nigerian senators revealed as facing criminal charges


Twelve Nigerian senators have been charged with corruption and embezzlement and EFCC is looking for them with both eyes.

  1. Senate President Bukola Saraki (APC) charged with false declaration of assets.
  2. Senator Ekweremadu (PDP) charged with forgery.
  3. Senator Apkabio (PDP) charged with embezzling N108bn.
  4. Senator Buruji (PDP) in court over extradition on drug charges.
  5. Senator Yarima (APC) charged with embezzling N1Billion.
  6. Senator Abdullahi Adamu (APC) charged with embezzling N15 Billion.
  7. Senator Abdulaziz Nyako (APC) charged with embezzling N15 Billion.
  8. Senator Joshuah Dariye (APC) charged with embezzling N1.2 Billion.
  9. Senator Abdullahi Adamu (APC) charged with embezzling N15 Billion.
  10. Senator Stella Oduah (PDP) in court over corruption allegations.
  11. Senator Danjuma Goje (APC) charged with embezzling N25 Billion.
  12. Senator Sam Egu (PDP) charged with embezzling N80 Billion.
  • 7 are APC Senators, while 5 are PDP Senators.
  • 7 are from the 3 Northern regions, while 5 are from the 3 Southern regions.
  • 7 are Muslims, while 5 are Christians.

These are the statistics they never share with you: the fight against corruption is not one-sided. It is very sad to realise the EFCC is investigating/has open files on at least 30 more members of NASS. We can only hope to see actual convictions, forfeiture of funds, and prison time.

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  • Treating yourself overseas when you cannot upgrade your local hospitals is corruption too. Have you ever heard that French and UK prime ministries travelled out side their countries for medical treatments. This government is the worst government ever existed in the history of Nigeria. Yet some starving worthless shameless ignorant bunch of morons still don’t know it yet.

  • A great danger lying ahead. I think there should be a cordial relationship between the executives and the legislators. When two elephants are fighting it is the grass that suffer. Our democracy is in danger. But history will not forget those that endanger our democracy. The executives should not underrate the legislators the are birds of the same feathers. They are all corrupt and not accountable. Ok how much has buhari spent on his health and why the treatment abroad after so much was budgeted for the aso rock clinic?

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