COZA’s Biodun Fatoyinbo: The Unveiling of a Psychopath


Biodun Fatoyinbo gets on every single nerve I possess; specifically the last one I reserve for important things. Not just because he has allegedly been sexually inappropriate with his congregants but because he is a stone-cold psychopath.

He will lie, gaslight, and manipulate people and their emotions, beliefs and faiths to suit his own perverse, base goals. He shows a complete and utter lack of empathy and remorse towards anyone or anything.

Fatoyinbo promised the people who believe in him a robust response almost a decade ago; it is yet to surface. He glossed over a grave matter and still kept right on preaching. And raping, I’ll warrant.

Another allegation surfaced – this time, one that would not go away – and he responded on COZA letter-headed paper, thereby inserting the belief in the minds of more feeble-minded individuals that this was an attack on the church. Well, Ese Walter and Busola Dakolo never laid a claim against bricks, mortar, altars or the Holy Spirit. They laid a claim against one man, and he ought to have responded accordingly. But this slick G’Hoe here…

And now, after keeping silent and letting innocent people attempt to defend his honour (because, by so doing, they defend their decision to continue to worship in the house he built), he has now come out to say he will be taking a leave of absence from the pulpit of the church.

Biodun Fatoyinbo announces a leave of absence from COZA


This was never about the church, his position, or his work in the Lord’s Vineyard. This was about his penis seeking solace in places it shouldn’t have and answering questions regarding this. A leave of absence as the head of COZA should be sent as an internal memo to the congregants who deserve to know that weeds are being removed from their roses, regardless of if that weed was the first bloom of the garden.

This is further manipulation to make people say “Are you people happy now? Now that you’ve “broken his heart into tatters”, are you happy?”

No. No, we’re not. Not by a long chalk. Stay as the head of COZA, sir. Stay anywhere you like, not one single, solitary care is given to your in-house machinations.

He said there would be legal repercussions; where are they? Where is COZA’s robust legal action against this slander? Have they not finished uncovering the dark forces who have PAID women to come out and face ridicule in order to bring down this most unblemished of holy men?

I can’t wait. I know Segun ‘Sega’ Awosanya is like a dog with a bone when it comes to social justice issues and Dr. Joe Abah and Mazi Chima Amadi are now involved.

With any luck, judgement cometh, and that, swiftly too. Tick tock, Biodun.

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