Daddy Freeze, #FreeTheSheeple Messing with Pastors’ Pepper!


What a colossal, unmitigated shame. When this whole thing blew up, I thought for sure that Daddy Freeze had bitten off more than he could chew. I said to myself “Nigerian pastors might not know much about love, forgiveness and other “tedium” of Christianity, beht you see that Malachi 3:10? Na their work. Daddy Freeze has entered one chance. They will FINISH him with Bible verses and apologetics!”

I was wrong. It is unbelievable to me that pastor after pastor has tackled Daddy Freeze and his #FreeTheSheeple movement, and have not been able to successfully demolish his arguments.

Perhaps less unbelievable to me, though, is the manner in which they have chosen to respond. Many are surprised that there are men of God who have chosen to attack the on-air personality’s personal life, but I’m not.

I see their sheeple all over Facebook; followers of the most high God, gentle in spirit, deed and truth…till you say one word against their actions, faith or pastor. Then they issue curses that would put a Sango worshipper to shame. And since I know that a lion cannot give birth to a dog, I can only assume they learnt it from their leaders. It seems I was not wrong.

Just negodu nonsense. A pastor rolls in the mud with salacious gossip to defend his chicanery. The same Matthew Ashimolowo? Calling someone a yoyo? Ashimolowo that the UK government is still looking at with side eye for tax evasion? The same Ashimolowo who will obtain money by ANY means necessary: offerings, tithes, seed, plant, tree…sha bring money?

This uncle still barbing punk into his 60s is talking about someone’s personal life? What a wawuu.  And after all said and done, NO SINGLE VERSE WAS UTTERED. Waste. Because I feel it is a foolhardy mission for ANY Nigerian pastor to go down the route of person-shaming. If ever there were a group of people with more skeletons in their cupboard than the Grim Reaper…

It really does come to something when daddy Freeze has more sense, articulation, and knowledge based on the actual content of the Bible than most of our pastors.

I’ll say it again: tithe or don’t tithe; it’s totally up to you and your convictions. But do it based on YOUR understanding of what the Bible says. Do not be swayed by white suits, jerry curls or promises of a higher level of grace. Only God knows who is really serving/speaking for Him.

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