Dangerous market people

Funny anecdote

Funny Anecdote

Some of the most dangerous people you will meet are found in the market, carrying heavy loads on their backs. This human trailer, transporting a large sack of potatoes or cabbages weighing 20 tonnes, will not think twice about crushing anything that is standing obstructively on his way. He never walks. He just moves fast, his body bent over by the magnanimous weight balancing on his spine. If you’re walking or standing in his path, he will not stop to consider your safety. He doesn’t have time for your nonsense. He will unapologetically pass with you and knock you senseless, sending you reeling into a nearby stockpile of tomatoes, or into a stinking, black puddle of rotting vegetables and mud. And that accident will always be your fault. After all, didn’t he make his usual warning calls just before smashing you into a coma with his cargo? By the time you have recovered from that hit, that anthropoid lorry will have already disappeared into the sea of humanity in the market.

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