David Cameron be like “If it is your Witney constituency, come and take eet!”


Remember David Cameron? Woooow, you guys are so fickle and forgetful! David Cameron who was the Prime Minister for the UK? Conservative Member of Parliament for the constituency of Witney? The sheep shagger who said all Nigerians were fantastically corrupt? The guy that the second dey did Brexit, he left us to our mess and said “Lemme gerrarahia mehn”? How could you have forgotten so soon? Na wa for una o; una no just dey remember anything or anybody at all.

Anyway, that guy…although he stepped down as the political head of the United Kingdom, giving room to Theresa May earlier this year, he retained his seat as the Conservative Member of Parliament for the constituency of Witney.

Well, it looks like even that one sef, he doesn’t want again, as the Former UK Prime Minister wants to step down altogether. He denied his announcement was related to the government’s moves towards allowing new grammar schools, a policy he rejected as PM.

How did we have this man running the country for six years??? He didn’t support Brexit, so when Brexit won, he stepped down. He didn’t support allowing new grammar schools, so now that plans for that are going ahead, he is also stepping down. How old is David Cameron, twelve?? Why is he constantly throwing his toys out the pram?

Well, I would be lying if I said I miss the old fella, but let it not be that this blog never done nuffink nice for him. So here it is, some of David Cameron’s best bits. No, not those bits, jeez! The bits that we can show you are available on this BBC link here >>


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  1. U are talking trash. Why are we Nigerians always like this. We hate the truth, and anyone who dares to hold a mirror and show us are reflection we pour out our stinkest Vernon on the person. I’m sorry for this Country.

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