Dele Momodu in rofo-rofo fight with Davido over Sophia Momodu’s daughter


Instagram has just about blown up tonight after Dele Momodu, our godfather of amebo, entered the same trousers with Davido and was exchanging Instagram posts with a boy his son’s age.

When it comes to family issues, it’s difficult to see where the lines blur – who’s right, who’s wrong, and who shouldn’t even be speaking. One thing is for certain though, Instagram isn’t the place to find solutions.

So you can imagine my disappointment (although not necessarily surprised) when Mr Momodu started posting pictures and comments about the Adeleke’s inability to leave Nigeria yesterday, 29th of December, as they attempted to fly to Dubai with Davido’s daughter, Imade (borne to Sophia Momodu, the magazine mogul’s niece), in tow.

Uncle Dele typed gleefully about how the entire family trip was cut short, and praised the Immigration officers no end for not allowing the family to travel and even seizing passports belonging to Davido’s sister and daughter.

Davido, a young buck not necessarily one to shy away from confrontation, has kuku aired all the dirty laundry, and now there is talk of marijuana poisoning and N500k Christmas bonuses.

The exchange is below for you to read and make your own decisions, no doubt more mudslinging and name-calling will come to light in the coming days. I am not here to take  stand either way as to what happened, Lord knows I wasn’t invited to the shag fest that bore the child nor the naming ceremony.

I will say this though: a Yoruba saying goes – it is not possible for an elder to be in the market place and the head of a child on his mother’s back be dangling at an awkward angle. This means it is the job of elders to put right; to fix; to teach and correct the younger ones; and to make peace.

I’m not sure where Mr Momodu is from, but in my homeland, elders broker peace with Seaman Schnapps, kola nut, alligator pepper and wise words.

They do not air dirty laundry on social media.

Mr Momodu started the drama with the following posts:


And then the chill-free DAVIDO responded AT LENGTH!

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