On some days, things will just not work

wisdom for living

Wisdom for living

Life is “funny”.
There was something I wanted to do last year around this time and it was not wise at all. At the time I didn’t know this. It just seemed like a smart plan. Circumstances prevented it from working out. I was upset but left it, thanked God because I trust Him to sort it out.

Last week I actually heard an acquaintance did it. It blew up in his face. It was as it was being explained to me, I then saw where the errors were. This could have been me. Please understand I am not mocking him or abusing him. He was just like me. It could have been me but it got wrecked before I could do anything while he plowed ahead and lost much in the end.

No one can predict the future. Plan wisely and listen to counsel. If you do make a mess, I pray you learn from it and grow. Being an adult isn’t easy and you just have to understand that some days, it’s just not “going to work”.

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