Dear adults, stop trying to sex these kids!!

depressed girl

depressed girl

Dear adult men, teachers, neighbours, school administrators, big uncles, youth corpers etc!

As long as you are an adult man I do not want to know if a girl opens your mouth and forces her nipple inside; if a boy pulls your shorts down forcefully; if s/he sends you love notes and claims they will commit suicide if you don’t acknowledge their love. I don’t want to know if they kissed you first; touched you inappropriately first. I don’t care the s/he did all these first and more in his/her right mind and even asked you to do stuff with their consent. I don’t even care if they enjoy it when you touch them.

As long as they are below 18, you are OUT OF LINE. The minute you indulge you have committed one of the worst crimes ever. You have taken advantage of them and preyed on their ignorance and age, and you have taken away their innocence. You have become the predator, the molester and the rapist. As an adult, you should know better. You are supposed to be older, wiser and more mature in ways these children aren’t yet.

Please and please nobody should use “the kid seduced me” line. Or “I did it with consent” line, or “I started but I stopped” line or “this is true love” line. You have no excuse.

Dear Adult Women, the above rules apply to you too as long as you are an adult woman, especially the ones that are maids or corpers that live with families or are neighbours that sleep with teenage boys/girls and kids; even if they are the ones that approach you; even if they seem to be enjoying it when you fondle them; you are taking away their innocence and doing what is despicable. You have no reason, excuse or justification for having anything to do with underage kids. The minute you also indulge you have become a predator, a molester and a rapist.

When I was serving in a secondary school, I was so disgusted watching how some of my male colleagues looked at female students. You could tell some were sleeping with them already.

Yes, some of these girls would write love letters and go all out to look sexy. They would apply makeup and make their clothes tighter and shorter and try to get your attention whichever way. The school had rules against make up but when have rules ever stopped teenagers from doing what they wanna do?

Because that’s what they are, you know. Just kids. Kids who are allowed to be young and ignorant.

My colleagues used all these as excuses. “After all they wanted it too na!”

I remember talking to one, telling him to leave a particular girl in ss2 alone when I noticed she was always coming around to look for him. He said he is not doing anything yet but he can tell she likes him and he likes her too. I reminded him she was just a child, we would soon leave them also, and he said she was 16 and looked mature but anyway he wasn’t doing anything yet so I should free him.

An ss3 boy tried to get extra fresh with me and sent me a love note once. The next time I saw him, I gave him a very good warning.

Please let’s leave these children alone. It’s so wrong to violate adults so how can anyone think kids are also fair game and give their behaviour as an excuse? Why are we adults then if we can’t make the better decisions? Why are we adults if we don’t have better judgment? The fact I have to write about this is embarrassing on its own but there just has to be a response to all those that blame children for being assaulted. Wrong is wrong, we know better, they don’t. Let’s cut the bullshit.


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