#FantasticallyCorrupt – Despite being warned by Buhari, Cameron still issues a non-apology

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Have you ever heard a British apology? Particularly one from someone who isn’t in the least bit remorseful? Well, I have, and all it serves to do is incense you more. A great British apology, for example, is “I’m sorry you feel that way.” Not – sorry I hurt you, but sorry that you seem to be in your feelings about it. Well, they don’t come more English than David Cameron, so when he finally made a comment over his #FantasticallyCorrupt statement, it merely made me want – more than ever – to slap him across the face with a dead fish.

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Speaking when he was summoned by the house of commons over disparaging comments about Nigeria and Afghanistan, Cameron made a typical politician U-turn, saying both countries were making “remarkable steps forward” in their war against corruption.

“First of all I had better check the microphone is on before speaking
tips on diplomacy are useful, given the last 24 hours I have made many unforced errors,” he said.

Ha ha ha indeed. Mr Cameron, you are neither cute nor witty. Never mind that you made disparaging, disrespectful and downright inaccurate comments about your proposed guests, the only problem was that it was heard, right? I keep telling you people that our Prime Minister is a dick, you people will say “Awww…he’s not that bad.” You see now?

He went on to say, “The leaders of Nigeria and Afghanistan are battling hard against very corrupt systems and have made remarkable steps forward.” Ugh, this patronising idiot right here. But…let us proceed, shall we?

President Buhari - Prince of Wales - Archbishop of Canterbury
A priest, a prince and a president – President buhari standing with the Archbishop of Canterbury and HRH Charles, the Prince of Wales

Angus Robertson, Scottish national party leader, was said to have asked Cameron if he had heard the complaints of some Nigerian anti-corruption activists who said their efforts were “seriously undermined” by the UK authorities. I mean, I am sure Robertson had his own axe to grind, the SNP not exactly being known for their warm, fuzzy thoughts towards the English, but I will take anything that makes Cameron look like a buffoon:

“The role of London’s property market to conceal stolen wealth has been exposed in court documents, reports, documentaries and more. What is the Prime Minister going to do about this?” Robertson reportedly asked.

Responding he said: “Action is necessary by developed countries as well as developing countries and the steps we are taking to make sure that foreign companies that own UK property have to declare who the beneficial owner is will be one of the ways we make sure that plundered money from African countries can’t be hidden in London.”

This is certainly back-pedalling by the British Prime Minister, but it is no apology, it is merely the words of a wriggly worm that happens to be well-versed in the art of politician-speak.

Well, our president did not stutter in his response to your #FantasticallyCorrupt comment: keep your apology and your tact or lack thereof: give us back our monies and stop making the UK a de-facto hiding place for looted wealth.

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  1. Was the Prime Minister prepared to apologise the way people are suggesting ? Some people tagged what happened as diplomatic gaffe and that is what it’s. But to apologise, I don’t see it that way. He was merely stating the obvious and the very reason the submit was convened. Our president has asked that the looted funds and their assets be returned to the country. How simplistic it seems but again this is a tall order I dare say. The fight to recover our stolen money will have to start from the government here as it’s already doing. The British government had promised to publish property in Britain and their owners. And this is the only sure way this fight can be won.

  2. Apologise for what for stating the obvious pls this a free world I live in INigeria without any doubt I can tell you that Nigeria is fantastically corrupt pls if you live in Nigeria look around you and pretend that Nigeria is not. Police Army customs ministries traders artisans 419 boys higher institutions of learning the senate house of rep just too many to mention NEPA etc

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