Senator Dino ‘Do As I Say; Not As I Do’ Melaye is talking again

Dino Melaye

In case you completely missed the point, we’re not crazy about Dino Melaye. It’s not just his smug face and his overt and insensitive display of cash in a society where people are struggling to make ends meet. It’s just that….well, he doesn’t exactly foster confidence and trust in himself, does he? I mean…if not that we were a well-mannered media platform, we might be tempted to call him a knob jockey. But we don’t use that kind of language here at Viva Naija. 🙂

He looked at it that he hadn’t been the focus of a lot of media attention for a while, so figured he’d better say something. He suggested that the nation replace “State of-Origin” with “State-of-Residence”, to promote oneness among Nigerians.

Yup, Dino Melaye is talking again. “Ethnic bigotry should be shunned; there should be a replacement of the state-of-origin to unite the country.

“Any responsible person that has lived in a particular place for a certain number of years can aspire to any political position including that state’s governor seat.”

I mean, it sounds like a good idea in theory but it won’t work. There is a reason that America had the whole brouhaha over Obama’s birth certificate. This is because blood sometimes is stronger than years of residence, and just because work carried me to a new location does not mean that I will have the best interests at heart for that new place.

Next thing we know, we will have all the politicians’ cronies in positions of power. Lebanese ‘businessmen’ as the Governor of Lagos State because they’ve lived there a few years. Awon “kora” ma joba l’ori wa (Arab-descended foreigners will have dominion over us) both financially and in deed.

Or maybe the mongrel simply wants to be king of the whole world. The chopping nomad – always in search of the next pay cheque was born in Kano, is known in some circles as Otunba (a Yoruba chieftaincy title), and is senator for Kogi West Senatorial District. Hmmm…King of operation anywhere belle face, abi?

I have no idea what it is that Dino wants, but I have a general rule of thumb about him: whatever Dino Melaye is selling, I ain’t buying. If Dino says grass is green, I’m going to my deathbed in the steadfast belief that grass is, in fact, fluorescent purple.

But this wasn’t enough. Dino had the floor and just had to keep speaking. The Chairman, Senate Committee on Federal Capital Territory further called for the rebirth of the country, challenging youths to guard against moral decadence.

He also urged youths to bring out the best in them for national growth.

“There is also the need for the review of the educational system so as to teach more morals, values and culture with a view to building falling walls.”

Sometimes, it will just be doing me like I should deck this man. Morals and values? Lemme just pop this here:

Dino Melaye Excesses

See? Knob jockey.

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  1. It is unfortunate, because of poverty, his people vote for him to represent them!!!! This happen in every state, not just in Kogi State… Only few privileged myopic politicians are enjoying while about 99.9% of Nigeria’s population are in abject poverty!!!!!

  2. Everything about him is negative, no wonder he was treated like mad man under Bankole in the house of representative ,where he was beaten up ,his cloth was tore and still got inderfinate suspension. His working towards that direction in the senate.

  3. Why are we so worried about somebody else’s wealth. Every body has an opportunity to be wealthy if you are not is your business . We are just envious of him . Stop for a moment and hear what he is saying.

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