Divorce is an option



Some days ago, it was on the news that a woman stabbed her husband to death. And everyone condemned it saying “If you are tired of your marriage, it’s better to divorce than to kill or get killed”.

Now, a woman who has been married for 17 years with 5 children narrated that she’s now divorced from her abusive husband, and some Nigerians are insulting and shaming her.

What exactly do we want as a society? Would it have been better for this woman to remain frustrated to the level of stabbing her husband or killing him in some other way, or would it be less damaging to do what she has done, which is divorce?

A society of many confused hypocrites!

Dear men and women,

If you are frustrated in your relationship or marriage, even though it’s a 50-year old marriage with 24 children, DIVORCE!

It is a million times better to divorce than to kill or get killed.

If you encounter a challenge in your marriage or relationship and you try but realize you can’t fix it, or you have given up on being able to fix it, walk out! Divorce!

Whenever I tell people that I’m an advocate of divorce, many of them start foaming from both sides of their mouths. Same people who will start screaming “it’s better to divorce than to kill” whenever they hear about an incident of spousal killing. I’m an advocate of divorce because it’s the way out for many married people who are smiling in the marital sufferings.

Of course, I don’t advocate for divorce for happy marriages. I advocate for divorce for SAD MARRIAGES, where either or both parties are frustrated, have been pushed to the limit, and have given up on the union.

The rate of spousal killing would be drastically reduced when we as a society let married people understand that divorce is an option.

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