Don’t be afraid to let go


Letting go

Today I want to thank every friend who treated me with levity regardless of how much I invested in them and our friendship.

You guys taught me self love and acceptance, you opened my eyes to how low my self-worth really was.

Right up till this year, I used to be that friend who acted like everyone else was doing her a favour even when it was obvious the other person was benefitting most from the relationship. I would be grateful that they “showed up for me” even when it was usually only when there was something for them to enjoy or benefit. I never looked past that or chose to make excuses for them. I was the go-to friend but on my case, I was on my own.

Yesterday I looked back and was grateful. I heave a sigh of relief that some people left me. I’m doing a lot better and I’m consciously surrounding myself with symbiotic, profitable relationships. I suffer no fools gladly anymore and my sense of worth is no longer shaken by other people’s inconsistencies and insensitivities. I channel my help to those who really need it and expect God’s blessings in return.

Many times in life, we hold unto things we should long let go because deep inside us we do not believe we deserve more, we do not realise we are worth a lot more or we do not believe we can attract better (fear and uncertainty). And so we keep holding on, keep reducing ourselves and keep devaluing ourselves to keep up with the status quo.

It may be a relationship, friendship, a bad marriage, a family member, a job or even objects, who we really think we are is reflected in those things we hold unto and that which surrounds our life. Sometimes you need to take a stand on how you prefer to be treated and everything/everyone else will adjust/drift off or you simply cut off completely. Sometimes you need to allow things die a natural death and stop trying to resuscitate even that which leaves your sense of worth in the mud.

One thing you should know; anything that remains in your life multiplies and attracts more of its kind. Hence negative, self serving people will attract same, as will selfless, loving, giving people. Be careful who and what you allow grow in your sphere.

Have a blessed day.

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