Don’t despise a woman because of her gender


But, do You know that most Nigerian Men don’t feel cool around Women with superior intelligence and income?
My Male friend and colleague asked me how I would feel if my Woman earns more than me. According to him, if a woman earns more than You; you can’t control her. It means you are screwed, because there will be nothing for her to respect.

I listened patiently for him to end his sermon before responding to him. My response was this:
Female does not translate to LESS.
So don’t expect that because, she is a woman, she should be inferior to You. The idea that a Woman should be controlled is totally wrong. YOU DONT MARRY A WOMAN TO CONTROL HER; YOU MARRY A WOMAN TO PARTNER WITH HER. That word ‘Control’ often sounds like ‘Matrimonial Witchcraft’ to Me. Most Nigerian males have a skewed sense of Masculinity, Headship and self-esteem.
If your self esteem comes from the fact that you are a Man, it is a false self esteem. If it is attached to your income, it is also false.

A healthy self-esteem comes from You. I mean YOU. It stems from the depth of Your soul.
It has nothing to with your sex organs, job, location or whareva. I once heard a man say that if his wife starts earning more than him, he would divorce her.
Most of these Men attach their manliness to their ability to earn more than their women. That is why a woman that earns more than them, is a threat to them. What they have failed to understand is that leadership is not about knowing or having it all.
It is the ability to harness it all.

A real man brings out the greatness in his woman. A number of our men are not Men in the real sense of the word.  Take away their Job or money and you will see a child lurking somewhere in them.

A dear Female friend told me that she will marry a CEO at heart. This means that, if his job fails, take him to a desert he will still remain a CEO; for as a man thinks in his mind, so is he. The things we see physically are birthed in the mind.
Herein lies the answer to why most Nigerian males destroy rather than cultivate Women.
They are worried about women who are better than they are.
Am telling you this truth. It is not a thing of pride to have a woman you are better than, but it is a thing of pride to have a woman better than you. There is nothing a Woman is or has that intimidates me because am pro-feminine greatness.
I will never be safe around a small woman. If she can, let her earn more than me. I even want her to have superior intelligence. You have no idea what a Woman can do to a man, if she is allowed to explore all her abilities.

A Woman is an ore. 
We don’t know what they can do because we come from a society where men derive satisfaction from pulling women down. There are some ladies I see and am like, the men that have these women are very blessed.
By the way didn’t you know that Woman was given to man to help him. How is she going to help you, when you feel, you know it all.

Put your woman to work.
Some of you are going to be with a woman without being influenced by her positively. What you fail to understand, is that it is not in the nature of a woman to force her wisdom on you. I have seen men who fell from their position of greatness, because they failed to apply a simple counsel from their women. 
Don’t despise a woman because of her gender. 
Dear Woman don’t allow anybody to despise you because of Your gender.

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