Drinking more water – a myth and a waste of time


1. You cannot detoxify your body by drinking more water than you really need or by taking in any nutritional supplement.
2. Adequate water intake is enough to maintain good function of the kidneys.
3. And in case you are wondering, your liver and kidneys do the natural removal of waste from the body. If they stop working, “detoxification” is not going to help you.

Today is just like other days. Except for this email. They say drinking more than 8 glasses of water a day is nonsense. For a water junkie like me, this is bad news.

Who would have thought? I met the other folks are the jogging tracks. Running 5km cleared the fog from my head. The day was progressing smoothly. Forget all the talk of drinking lots of water to clear toxins from your body, says the paper. It’s basically a myth. Normal healthy people get enough water from food and drink.

You cannot drink water to “detoxify”, as charlatans frequently proclaim. And your body is built to signal you with thirst when you need to take in water.

Hydration is a myth, sorry folks. Writes Aaron E. Carroll in the New York Times, “Prospective studies fail to find benefits in kidney function or all-cause mortality when healthy people increase their fluid intake. Randomised controlled trials fail to find benefits as well, with the exception of specific cases for example, preventing the recurrence of some kinds of kidney stones.

Real dehydration, when your body has lost a significant amount of water because of illness, excessive exercise or sweating, or an inability to drink, is a serious issue. But people with clinical dehydration almost always have symptoms of some sort. A significant number of advertisers and news media reports are trying to convince you otherwise. The number of people who carry around water each day seems to be larger every year. Bottled water sales continue to increase.

This. Is. It! It’s time to ditch the plenty bottles. Who likes peeing every 15 minutes anyways? There is no formal recommendation for a daily amount of water people need. Of course, healthy folks in humid tropical climates will have more water intake than folks in temperate regions, but there is absolutely no evidence that you will live longer than the next person because you have a habit of consuming one tanker of drinking water on an hourly basis.

Culled from Fitness Naija.

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