Emmanuel Macron is no Immanuel Ifediata; one might be the next French president, the other a grooming pervert!


I have to say that the most disturbing thing about entire Immanuel Ifediata debacle was not so much his odious post but the support for it. Men (and many women!) were “reading between the lines”, obfuscating the points raised, and simply jettisoning reason. We heard from the people who said “If you really think about what he was trying to say…” We heard from others who said “But of a truth, women of these days are just too materialistic…” And yet others who claimed that we were deliberately missing the point; Lord alone knows what that point might have been.

Just as we were getting to drum some sense into them and explain, as one might to a dense plank of wood, why his actions were abhorrent and despicable, here comes Emmanuel Macron: candidate for the coveted position of the French presidency.

The man is 39 years old to his wife’s 64 years. She was his class teacher when he was 15 years old, and he promised her at the age of 17 years that he would marry her. Being married with three kids at the time, she laughed it off. Fast forward thirteen years, and he did indeed walk her down the aisle. She was 55 at the time.

There are many conversations one might have about the right- or wrongness of her acquiescing to this marriage; I certainly couldn’t care less either way – not my circus, not my monkeys.

But the Nigerians who had been itching to prove that there was nothing wrong with what Ifediata said saw this news as a boon from God Himself!

  • See, the French are at it!
  • Ohhhh, that means all the noise must have been feminists ranting as they see nothing wrong with this story!
  • Why is it okay if the woman is older? How come you people are not saying anything now??

Sigh. It would seem that it’s time to drag the planks back to class yet again. See, in this story, the younger person was the aggressor. Mrs Macron never tried to bribe a teenage Emmanuel with food of N100. There is no record that she was anything less than appropriate with him while he was a student under her care. She never pushed for the relationship nor entered a relationship with him until he was a full blown adult, far above the age of consent. And she certainly never posted a Facebook update announcing “Oh wait, y’all still dealing with these old aged pensioners?? Go to secondary schools! That’s where the real juice is and this ish be lit! Just come correct with a PlayStation 4 and you’re in!”

People need to stop looking for a way, any way to justify grooming and hebephilia. These are perversions and, in any other country, downright illegal. Emmanuel Macron wants no part of the foolishness. The names might be similar but that’s where the similarities end; he even adopted the correct first letter to distance himself from it all. Immanuel Ifediata and his goons need to simmer down and stop looking at under-aged girls.

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