#EndSARS is trending but is the Nigerian government listening?


I marvel at Buhari’s deafness and ability to unlook. The Nigerian president is unaware of everything of any great import in the country. He’s certainly isn’t aware of Libya, immigration or the 26 dead women buried in Italy. Osinbajo can’t help, he is busy inspecting Rochas’ statues in Imo State. Now, the entire country is clamouring for #EndSARS, and, once again, there is deafening silence from the people who empower these brutes.

The Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) have become a law unto themselves. They follow no laws, have no accountability, and are uniquely vicious. Unreasonable, unbalanced thugs. Lives have been lost with no recourse or explanation. People have gone missing; innocent individuals have been threatened, beaten and bullied, and yet….silence.

No. No, they don’t. Even Ebuka of Agbada Fame, first of his name, called on the government to do something but, for wia?

But I hear tell the president is in Jordan to discuss something something terrorism. While we’ve all gone to hell in a hand basket. But please, don’t let us stop you, sir. Do what you feel you must. These Phileas Fogg shenanigans must be more important than the tears and the pain of millions of people. No, please. Kontinuu.

As proof that the brutality of SARS is not limited to the poor and the vulnerable, celebrities and important people have joined their voice in the absurdity that is the Special Anti-Robbery Squad.

And still, crickets. I don’t think the government will take the initiative to #EndSARS. Christ, NYSC has not worked for decades and we’re still wearing khakis upandan. But at least, let it be that the people spoke.


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