Ese Oruru abduction story and the paradox of ‘cheap’ browsing data – Sayo Aluko


On social media, we differ on a lot of things.

But, today, when the Ese Oruru abduction story broke (again) thanks to the Punch newspaper, I was actually expecting at least 95% agreement on this e-villagesquare of ours about the iniquitous nature of the act.

But some people just want to make one finally admit that browsing data is too cheap…subhumans who do not justify their access to the Internet in no way…it hurts oh

It was already dismaying to know that the actors involved directly or otherwise in this issue had kept silent for 7 months until social media spoke for Mama Ese’s tears.

To my further dismay, I was made to see banal divergent views that almost caught my gut. Views that attempted to pit sense into what Yinusa did either by using religious belief or culture. Views that used the word “But” as an interjection while trying to rationalize outright vile. Most of them, northerners.


1. It’s sad that social media is our quickening Chancellor in Nigeria. Without hashtags, we are sedentary with cause and effect.

2. Some Abokis just need true faith. Holy Quran is read backwards for a reason, it’s not literally backward.

3. Education Minister please note: A lot of Nigerians apparently can’t define the word “elope” or “elopement”, and they don’t know the terms of it.

4. If some Northerners get up today and start a cry for their independence from Nigeria, won’t I be happy sha? But, I digress.

5. In all, I’m just truly sad …and these cycle of disturbing occurrences in this our country is sha trying to force me to start drinking something “very strong”. I can’t be having to see crazy issues with crazier comments like these on a daily with yogurt or chivita inside the system ke…All these action with jedijedi again?…mbanu! Jesus is my Lord oh

6. #EseFreed

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  1. So true ….I first saw this story like a month ago and left a comment that msg should be sent to popular blogs. That’s all its need for quick resolution and truely …. Social media has now become a powerful voice for d voiceless…

  • May people receive sense and speak sense too! Please people should learn not to talk if they cannot find their voice and their sense. For ontop social media, every body Dan be mate after all freedom of opinion abi? Nansense and ingredient! So that is an opinion abi? Chai. Humanity has suffered!

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