Exemplary leadership from Kogi? Dino Melaye has a song and dance about Yahaya Bello


This ongoing war between Dino Melaye vs Yahaya Bello just makes fools of us all, wallahi. See ehn, I woke up today and sat in bed during those first, few quiet minutes, wondering about how April wan be. The last month was particularly rough for me financially, and I have more month than money.  I dey tink which Peter I wan rob pay Paul, when I saw this video:


What is this? What is the meaning of this? A lawmaker of the land? A senator earning millions of pounds? Creating videos mocking the state governor? Having a little song and dance? In what clearly seems like an upmarket hotel room? Is this what we are doing now?

There is clearly no love lost between Senator Dino Melaye and Gov. Yahaya Bello of Kogi State, but should rifts in leadership become such a farce? Na wa o!

For all of his faults, Dino Melaye is no fool. He understands Nigerians perhaps better than we understand ourselves. Keep them entertained and distracted while you get on with the real task at hand – I’ll leave you to wonder about what Dino does week in, week out.

And so it is that social media is weighing in –

My Senator the Senator I respect so much I wonder how much they were paid for this cheap allegation”

Love this guy, one of a kind. Up Dino”

When are you buying his album? 😜😜.. I don buy my own oo…😂🤣”

The guy is a shameless goat,a total disgrace to democracy…how do you even explain to people here that this is a sitting senator in my country…so unfortunate.”

“I don’t know what to say from both parties. Quite shameful! pettiness!”

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