FA, That Sexist Tweet, and the Importance of the Feminist Fight


In congratulating England’s female football team, FA put forth this tweet:

England Lionesses FA Twitter Sexism

Sigh. just when it seemed like the women’s sports had taken a turn and these women had shown the world that they are leaders in their chosen sport, this comment raises its ugly head. The tweeter, denies any sexism and says he was merely pointing out the happy reunion of these women with their families, and there were other tweeters who agreed with him.
The FA defended the tweet. Then removed it. Nonsense and Jagbajantis.

The problem with sexism is that it’s so embedded within our culture that we don’t even notice it any more and insidious comments like this can even be printed. These women never stopped being wives or mothers when they went to play, so there’s no sense in pointing it out. Nobody talks about the roles men have to come back to when they return from a tournament. Or is that because they return to shagging their team mates’ wives and people’s grandmothers? What do I know…?

The comment just smacks of “Shebi you’ve gone and come back? Can you now stop your silliness now and go and bring my dinner?”

It’s also upsetting that when you have to defend your right to not be categorised, you’re greeted with “Don’t make a fuss” – a condescending sexist comment if ever there was one.

What’s super annoying is that these women are giants in other fields: Eniola Aluko, 28, has a first class law degree (UP Naija!), and Alex Scott, 30, has started a football academy. Formerly homeless Fara Williams, 31, worked for the FA Homeless charity. But, you know, what does it all mean if your jollof rice isn’t on point, right?

Some interesting reactions to the tweet this morning: England Lionesses Sexism tweets

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