Failed UKIP Wimbledon Candidate Peter Bucklitsch & His Despicable Tweet About Drowned Syrian Boy


Because a boy died while trying to live.

UKIP has never been in the news for anything good. They’re despicable, they’re vile, and a lot of their comments are so far out that they seem to simply be for shock value.

I have always been genuinely scared of BNP – they were just centre enough of right to gain sympathisers from the myopic, the disenfranchised who think the solution to the country’s ills is just: “Get rid of all the immigrants!”

UKIP though? Dia fada lap.

So I was not at all surprised, although still disappointed, that they could find something horrific to say about the tragic drowning of the little Syrian boy, Aylan Kurdi, as he and his family tried to cross the sea to a better life.

Tragic images of a child’s body discovered washed to shore has moved the entire world. The picture, released by a Turkish news agency, is trending worldwide on Twitter under the #KiyiyaVuranInsanlik (“humanity washed ashore”) hashtag.

But what will Bucklitsch say?

In typical UKIP cowardice, he instantly deleted the comments, and has since deleted his entire account, but you know how it is: nothing ever goes away from these Interwebs. The comment is so grotesque – particularly as emotions are still running riot over the departure of this little one – that even Farage seems to be distancing himself from the shit storm that this has caused, and – expectedly – Bucklitsch has issued a non-apology this morning:

How very repentant. You start an apology with “Presumably”. This man is vile. Someone gave him a hand though:

The only solace I have found in all of this is that his supporters are very few, those who share his views are NOT the majority of the human race, and we WILL get better, do better and be better. Because a boy died while trying to live.

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