Falz – Wehdone Sir: our boo stays spitting truth in his latest single!


Falz – Wehdone Sir: this is the latest single from Falz The Bahd Guy and once again, he excels! The ‘Ello Bae champion has packed the entirety of the Nigerian zeitgeist into three minutes, and once again, I am left floored by his skill with his tongue. Sliding gracefully from “Packaging Boys and Girls” to the behaviour of our religious leaders and the folly of the followers, you’d have to listen to this a few times to even grasp everything he’s trying to say. Each time I press repeat, I hear a new line that makes me scream “Yooooooo! Ain’t that the truth?!”


Falz – Wehdone Sir: The Video

The video plays like a typical Falz farce. So much so that if you’re not careful, you just might miss the lesson within. What struck me most though was the sheer number of artist cameos. Everyone wants to be on the winning team, and Falz is forever trending. Fab tunes with societal messages entrenched in humour and wit. What’s not to like?


Falz – Wehdone Sir: The Lyrics

This is the best part of the song! The words are flying so fast and free that it will take a minute to understand the underlying seriousness :

You dey pop bottle when we dey club,
but your rent? E dey hard you to pay up
You dey owe money since last year,
but na brand new jeep you drive here

Your pastor dey go holiday abroad, but you still dey pray, in the name of God
Make you see food oh, make you no fade to dust
Man of God dey chop, im dey robust in your small salary you will pay your tithe,
Fellowship in the day, crusade for night
So you outchea looking for more cheese,
But apostle’s getting on Forbes List.

Fashi the pretend H-factor and the joking sturves. Falz is the social commentator of our times!

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