When a father knows his daughter’s worth


When it was time for my elder sisters to leave the country for their university education, some of my maternal and paternal uncles told my father not to “waste” so much much money on training girls, who would end up getting married and leaving him to another man’s house. My father responded that marriage or not, his daughters remain his.

My parents sold properties and assets to send us to the best schools they could afford, and give us the best in life… as far as their resources could stretch. My first year at Uni was the toughest, as my elder sisters were both in their final years at Uni. Parents had to spend millions in tuition for three children in UK Universities, at international tuition rate. My uncles called my parents fools for doing so much for girls, but my father stood his ground. He said he was going to give all his children EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES to succeed in life and career, to the best of his ability.
My younger brother came into first year while I was in my finals. We were in same Uni for our undergraduate.

My parents have got three girls and a boy. Although, my younger brother is the youngest of us; some people choose to call him the leader because he is the male. My Dad and mum categorically made it clear to such relatives that my eldest sister; their first child would take the lead amongst their children, based on the fact that she is the eldest.

My father told me and still tells me that I can be ANYTHING I want to be and work hard to be, he never made me believe that my lack of a penis would stop me from living my dreams and exercising my maximum potentials. My parents do not believe anyone is superior to the other based on genital arrangements.

black-dad (When a father knows his daughter's worth)

This is the type of home I was raised and would raise my children. My parents believe and strongly practice gender equality. They are feminists who do not go with the label.

I will raise feminist children, and urge my children to raise feminist children. Feminism is a “gospel” that my grandmother passed on to Dad, my parents passed it on to us, I will pass it on to my children, my children will pass it on to theirs, and it’s going to be a family culture to be continued in practice over generations.

Why feminism?
That’s like saying “why anti-racism?”.

Racism is a malfunction, and anti-racism is the antidote to correct this malfunction.
Gender inequality is another malfunction, and feminism is the antidote to correct this malfunction.

I am an unapologetic FEMINIST.
I will spend the rest of my life challenging societal norms, cultures and traditions that promote gender inequality, and I will keep challenging patriarchy and kicking gender inequality in the ass.

Hopefully, I will be able to contribute my bit to creating a planet where my children and grandchildren will not have to face any form of discrimination based on their skin colour or genital type.

We’ve all got stories, we’ve all got struggles, and we’ve all got pains. By default, life is already hard and challenging enough, and we could do without complicating it further with any form of human discrimination.

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