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In the 9th month of my service year in Bayelsa, the year 2013, I started reading a book titled, “Primal Leadership: Realizing the Power of Emotional Intelligence“, written by Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee…

I’ve known about the concept of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and/or Emotional Quotient (EQ) for a while before then, but the book helped break it down into installable atomic forms for Leadership needs. How a leadership can master the art of relating well and posses responsible irritability towards the emotions, visceral and/or palpable expectations and feedback index of its followership – So, a part of the book discussed, for almost all spheres of human existence and coexistence.

So with this knowledge in mind, having to watch the Presidential Spokesman, Femi Adesina‘s ChannelsTV interview on YouTube this morning, show a gross lack of EQ/EI while trying to do his job, makes me feel undone for the umpteenth, in this my ogbonge kontiri.

This post of mine isn’t to suggest that Femi’s job for example is an easy one, but, just like it is in most cases in Naija, a lot of square pegs are stuck in round holes, a reason why Mr. Femi can’t just thrive well in his post. He has proved, by his many gaffes, that he doesn’t have the skillset to relate masterfully and sensitively with the Nigerian citizenry in this difficult moment, as a supposedly responsible mouthpiece of the nation’s leadership.

One of the reasons why these kind of isokuso and iwakuwa abound from government officials is simple – the amount of blatantly political appointments in both the past and successive administrations far outweigh eligible appointments. Ti o ba je be ni, what is a Mr. Femi, a seasoned Editor and Journalist seemingly prone to the whims of sensationalism, doing in the role of a Presidential Spokesman, the President’s PR manager, mouthpiece and image maker by proxy? Yes, he was appointed, he has goofed many times, yet, he still dey there.

It really hurts to see our government take emotionally intelligent communication with the people unseriously….when I can watch a TV Series like House of Cards for example, and see how well the script respects it…..mere fiction oh.

Why should 70%, scratch that, 85% of the appointments made by elected officials in our country be either basically nepotistic or essentially political? But, I digress.

Oga Femi is one appointee I look at, and feel like cursing who cursed my Naija…LOL…I mean, I can name up to 10 Nigerians on my Facebook timeline lasan, who will converse better, act calmer and in control, respond more clinically, speak more suavely, talk the fitting words, and the likes, if they were in Oga Femi’s position …beht, we know as e be na…dem nor get “Leg”, or dem nor get “luck”, or “nor be their time”, or dem nor dey “serve the living god”, esetera esetera. …..all bunkum! !!

I refuse to single out one sentence from Mr. Femi’s interview like everyone is doing right now on social media, because actually, the whole interview had a tasteless feel of a puerile back-and-forth…Nothing very solid, nothing deep, just like lazy housewives chatter. … errrr, even Seun sef, he needs to step up oh, his interviewing skills bore unto one more like mere kibitzing nowadays…step up Seun Okinbaloye…step..(awon Aiye cuts in)

“Sayo, what do you know sef…other than rant and rant ???…u beta shattap!”

Well, lest I forget, if anyone sees Oga Femo, epp me deliver my loff to him, and tell him to try read any book on emotional intelligence or Quotient. Me, I still recommend “Primal Leadership : Realizing the Power of Emotional Intelligence” sha…

Viva Naija

*back to Beau Willimon’s “House of Cards”*


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