Finally! Sango gets the treatment it deserves in this breathtaking animation

Sango - The Animation

Komotion Studios STAND UP! You did the very thing we have been clamouring for for years and you did it amazingly! Our gods! Our myths! The legends of our lands out here in awesome technicolour! These guys took Sango, the Yoruba god of thunder, and put him in his rightful place amongst the gods of other cultures, and I couldn’t be more proud!

No, it is not enough. It is not nearly enough. Not when Thor is making Hollywood box office gold and making some people rethink what god to serve. But it is a start, and, by Sango, what a start!

They have plans to make this into a web series or a feature length film, and I believe there will bean Indiegogo thing set up soon, so Nigerians, act like you know! Stop talking about it and ACTUALLY BE ABOUT IT! Let’s make a difference to us; to our value and the way others perceive us.

Let us carve the name of Sango permanently in the sky with the other legends!

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