18+ Freak For The Week VII: K Cums Calling

I walk confidently into the crowded hall. My hips swaying seductively to the soft beating of my excited heart.
All eyes were on me as I expected. I had dressed with care determined to stand out not just by my enticing  looks but slightly provocative attire..
I notice him immediately as he towered above most of the men there. His back, square and rigid refusing to turn and look up. “Why won’t he look at me”? I muttered under my breath.
As if on cue, he turns and looks up suddenly. He’s lean, masculine and ruggedly handsome .  Our eyes meet briefly, his gaze penetrating my cover. Heat flashed through my body immediately.
There’s a darkness in his eyes that scares me but yet I found so intriguing. He seemed to strip me of all my composure.
I was trembling and I didn’t even know why…The room was spinning and I felt faint.
Bathroom? Where is the nearest bathroom..
Quickly I wobbled my way there, dazed and scared out of my wits
I needed to get a grip of myself.  I was acting like a teenager
As I stepped into the small bathroom, I hear purposeful footsteps behind me..
I knew…. the door lock clicks behind me.
I could hear him breathing harshly..as the aroma of his raw sexuality stirred all  my senses
“Look at me”….He commands in a low gruff voice.
My legs are glued to the floor, crippled by my own wanton desire
Look at me..He commands again, this time slightly louder and curt
Slowly I turn, trembling as I stare at him like a frenzied puppy.
He pulls me roughly into his big arms. Kissing me hungrily, tongue caressing mine as I press my body into his hardness. I felt strangely secure and warm
He moves his strong hands to my neck squeezing and gently choking me..his breathing uneven and labored.
Slowly he explores every curve and crevice, caressing, teasing my hardened nipples as he makes his way between my quavering legs, feeling my wetness and throbbing clit..
He pushes past my now soaked panties.I let out a load moan as he forcefully pushes his fingers into my dripping pussy, his thumb finding my erect clit…his eyes never leaving mine as he brought me to the edge
He steps back, peers into my hungry eyes and pushes me to my knees
Eyes locked, he commands me to unfasten his zip..
Hands shaking I manage to do that, exposing his huge manhood, majestic and proud
slapping me on my face. I couldn’t resist letting out a delightful squeal.
He grins wickedly and grabs me by the hair..pushing my lips into his hardness
ravaging my mouth with each thrust, his cock getting harder.
I am gagging at it hit the back of my throat, my pussy is clenching with intense pleasure
He’s shuddering and growling like a wounded animal .. I can taste his precum, I am desperate for his juice down my throat
Abruptly he stops and pulls himself out of mouth..looking intently at me.
He pulls me back up, lifts my chin towards him and  whispers hoarsely do you want me inside you?
“Please…” I whimpered, “I want you so much!
Talk to me.Tell me what you want, tell me how you feel…
I like you touching me, biting me, caressing me, commanding me..”
He lifts me up from the floor, holds me close to him for what felt like an eternity
Gently he lays me on the granite top, opening my legs wide and round his neck
He bends to kiss my swollen pussy, eyes locked with mine, taking in all my juices
Staring deep into my eyes, he pins my crossed wrists above my head as he slowly enters me…I feel every bit of him as he hits my cervix, his teeth .
“Please don’t stop!” I begged as the thrusts got urgent, harder and more demanding..
“I am cumming,”  I mumbled as I felt my body give way to multiple orgasms exploding one after the other..
“Look at me,”  he commanded as I feel him shuddering, his face contorted his eyes ablaze.  He lets out a loud beastly howl as he empties himself inside of me..
Slowly he brings himself out and says to me clean our juices with your mouth..I take him into mouth my tasting our essences as he strokes me hair..
He pulls me gently into his hands, kisses me softly  and whispers.. “You are mine and don’t you ever forget it”
“By the way, I’m K.”
He walks away.

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