18+ ONLY! #FreakForDaWeek I: My story of X and Y, Part 1

Freak of the week - quickie outside the club

This is our very first story of the #FreakForDaWeek series ???. You’re welcome!

This is my story of X and Y.

Lagos, 2012.
There was this hangout on Oju Olubon Street VI I used to go to a lot. The joint was also known as “Local”. Always bumping, this joint. Because it was close to Access Bank HQ and a couple of other bank branches, there used to be a lot of working class ladies there. They came in their tight high-waisted and pencil skirts (there is something about a woman in a business suit and severe heels!).

I walk in one Friday evening, and just directly in my line of sight, was this dark chick. Heavy bossomed and even as she was seated, her hips were heavy! Hmmm…high heels, check. I sat across and nursed a bottle of Guinness.
She kept looking at me and I formed unlooking.

After a while, she started dancing by herself and after a while I started dancing by myself and after a while, somehow, I was grabbing her waist and she was grinding on me. At this point, we hadn’t exchanged any pleasantries; just two strangers, obviously on the same page. Some dirty grinding (not that there is anything like clean grinding anyway), a lot of wandering hands and a couple of Red Bulls and Stouts later, she told me she was a lawyer from Abuja and was in town for a conference. I will call her X.

At this point, I was so sure that I was going to fuck X that night, so I was chilled. We danced some more. I nibbled on her ear lobe, she giggled and shivered. Hmmm… this was going to be an awesome night.

As we were about to leave, another chick who I had not noticed stood up too and grabbed her bag. Her colleague, X said. They were staying at the same hotel, she’d ride with us. No P. I was buzzing.

We got to the hotel, with a name of a popular train station in the UK. And we went to her room, while her colleague made a beeline for the bar. There was something heavy in the air. Animalistic, raw air.

I don’t know why but the moment we got in, she turned to kiss me and I pushed her against the wall, held her two hands above her head with my left hand and started unbuttoning her shirt with my right. Very raw and savage foreplay. In a gruff voice, she commanded me to tear everything off. I ripped the shirt off and deftly unhooked the bra.

Oh Lord.

I stood back. X was dark skinned but the areolae were darker and wider. Nipples were long and black. My dick was turgid and straining against my pants. I stuck my hand in her wetness. She was so wet, dripping down her inner thighs. I grabbed her labia with my thumb and fore finger and I twisted them softly while I ran my middle finger up and down the entrance of the pussy. She moaned and muttered something incoherent in Hausa. I pushed two fingers in. Deftly combining the movement on the labia with the two fingers going in and out.

Three fingers.

I looked at her and silently dared her to push me to four fingers. With the next movement, I found the clitoris and I started strumming it in a slow circular, up and down movement with my middle finger. She moaned and threw her head back. Her wetness was dripping down my hands towards my elbow. That can do a whole lot for a man’s ego.
I was in control.

She quickly led me to the bed and before my eyes, her mouth took the entire length of my dick. She almost sucked my brain out through my dick! Before I could reach for a condom, she stood on the bed, with her skirt bunched around her waist, in her expensive looking, black patent leather high heels and she gentle lowered herself on my dick. Skin tight. I reached for her nipples and gave a sharp tweak. She winced, I stopped. She glared at me, grabbed my hand, kept it on her breasts and gave a squeeze. I gave her nipples another sharp squeeze and she moaned.


I flipped her over on her back, pushed her legs back and started deep stroking. For the first time in my life, I saw my dick go in and come out, covered in a white, milky coat. The “pata, pata” sound that bodies made each time I slammed in, was the only noise that was in the room. It was obvious she was not a screamer and my occasional grunt of satisfaction was hardly audible, but we were great. She dug her nails into my buttocks, it hurt a bit but at this point, the lines were almost blurred.


X was built a bit like Serena Williams. So when she said “Faster”, you knew she meant it. I propped myself by the elbows, with my face buried in the space between her head and her shoulders, I let my waist do the work it was meant for. I felt X’s fingers trace a straight path from my buttocks to the back of my calves, down to my heels and onto my soles. It took a moment to register. Because X had her hands wrapped around my neck and her powerful thighs around my waist. I stopped and turned and it was X’s colleague.

She was stark naked.
With a huge thatch of dark pubic hair.
I will call her Y.

Oh boy.


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