This. Is. GIDIIIII! Lagos State bus stop looking like progress

Lagos Bus Stop -2

They don’t call Lagos State “The centre of excellence” for nothing. We’ve been blazing trails and leading the pack since 19-kpiridim, so it’s no surprise that this thing of beauty – a digital bus stop complete with time keeping, destination and bus terminals – will be seen here in the cultural capital, at Obalende Bus Garage to be precise.

Lagos Bus Stop -1

Lagos Bus Stop -2

Lagos Bus Stop -3

Lagos Bus Stop -4

Lagos Bus Stop -5


Feedback on this is that while it works sometimes, the information being given can be very confusing. Apparently, by 10pm when all buses have stopped working, the display is still on, and even during the day, when there are no buses to load, the thing is still on and giving wrong information.

This does not surprise us in the least bit; a digital display such is this is only the visible end of a huge transport system infrastructure. It will require manpower, an entire wiring and satellite system of live cameras, bus locations, and real-time data. There is no point the display saying that there is a bus going to Oshodi at 14:30 if it is currently stuck behind an overturned trailer somewhere.

The point, however, is that Lagos State has made a start, and all of this feedback will hopefully filter back to the responsible bodies who will continue to make improvements while MAINTAINING the grand platform they’ve started on. This is awesome stuff.

This is Lagos

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  1. The Governor of this state is working, the Governor of this state is not chasing ponmo or drinking burukutu all about, the Governor of this state is not talking rubbish, in conclusion, the Governor of this state is a responsible Governor.

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