Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad: Mariah The Meltdown Queen


Mariah Carey New Year’s Eve Disaster: What really hurts is that Mariah was my ish back in the day. I knew every song – from the ballads to the gentle pop songs. Even during the post-Mottola rebellion days, I was #TeamMariah. I am not a girly girl but I stood by my sweetheart throughout her butterfly days. As long as them pipes kept sangin‘ I kept stannin’. I was a fan and I’m not even ashamed to say it.

They called our girl a diva, and still I stood by her side. Wouldn’t you be too if you had a vocal range like that? There’s a certain sense of entitlement that comes when you can out-range a piano, and people needed to some some RESPEK on that name and she made sure it was so!

But after Nick Cannon, it seems like my girl became a loose cannon. The day she wasn’t having meltdowns, she was getting engaged and then breaking engagements. I’m not going to lie, I believe James Packer made the right decision in breaking off the engagement. And then she had the nerve to seek a settlement. Even though they never actually married?? Losing her God-given mind.

And then, the debacle that was the New Year’s Eve performance at Times Square a couple days ago.


Mariah Carey suffered through a performance as malfunctions left her at a loss vocally during her hit song “Emotions.” My diva was struggling to reach the notes she was famous for and to sync the lyrics and music.

The train wreck continued when she gave up on another of her best-known numbers, “We Belong Together,” while a recording of the song continued to play, a confirmation that she had been lip-syncing.

So far, so horrific. But instead of the diva’s camp to simply issue a “Faulty Equipment/suffering from exhaustion/drank too much water/please respect Mariah’s privacy during these difficult times”, they went full rogue.

There have been strongly worded accusations of sabotage by the show’s producers being levied by Mariah’s team.

Ms. Carey’s manager, Stella Bulochnikov, claims that the show’s producers had been aware of technical problems but did not fix them — and chose to continue showing Ms. Carey’s messy performance “to get ratings.”

Why? Would a stellar performance not rate more? Who hires Mariah Carey to make her look bad? And if the mic and teleprompters fail, do you not know the lyrics to your own songs? Millions of karaoke enthusiasts round the world do. And Lord knows, you’re not really expected to know much else.


Mariah Carey will never be invited to a panel addressing global warming. But if someone needs a belter of “Dream Lover”, boo boo, that’s your ish! You should put the smack down! Even if woken from sleep!

Mariah Carey New Year’s Eve concert has been and gone. Someone should help us to beg her village people. Their own is becoming unbecoming. They should free aunty Mariah for us.

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