What goes around comes around


What goes around comes around

Nigerian married women will be crying that their husbands are cheating on them… “All men cheat” and all, but I recently got to learn that MOST of you slept with married men, dated them, milked them and helped them divert attention away from their wives before you got married, and some of you even after and while you are married.

We keep berating men for cheating. But these men cheat with women, 99% of the times.
You finished flexing your era as a side chic of married men, you retired, you got married and thought “side chicking” will cease to exist? You are a joker!
You can’t take away other women’s peace and joy and expect to have peace and joy.

How I love to see retired side chics end up in marriage with sex maniac community penises. It gives me great joy. This is the only time I pretend to believe in karma.

There is absolutely nothing right in being an accomplice to a cheating man. There’s nothing right with having sex with another woman’s husband. No excuse at all. I don’t buy your shitty stories.

Each time I post about my hatred for side chics, I have people coming inbox to tell me that I’m wasting my time. That 70%, 75%, 80%, 85%, 90% of Nigerian women date married men, and it’s not going to end anytime soon.

I have always refused to believe this.

I want to state here that if indeed 70-90% of Nigerian ladies KNOWINGLY dated married men at some points, then Nigerian women should STOP mourning about cheating men.

I honestly never knew that it was that bad. I left Nigerian almost as soon as I became an adult, so I had no time to study that for myself.
So much for a moral religious country. I learnt that many of these side chics are choristers in their holy ghost fire churches.
If indeed this statistics is true, then let’s just disagree to agree that we are all fuck mates in da lord. No point doing “Dear Amanda, he slept with my younger sister and my mother’s aunty’s cousin last born. Should I kill myself or should I remain submissive?”.

You had your era as a side chic with other people’s husbands. Allow the current era of side chics have their era with your husband in peace. This is probably their only time to shine. They need to set a legacy for upcoming and unborn side chics. This ministry must move on from generation to generation.
And I was there berating side chics, not knowing that they are fulfilling the karma prophecy of “What goes around comes around”.

Dear Nigerian side chics,
I’m sorry for berating you these past days. Pardon my ignorance. Biko, CRACK ON! You are living the destiny and fulfilling the prophesy. You were born for that purpose. Who said praying naked at night with a calabash is completely ineffective?
If you need tips to be safe in your side chicking game, let me know so that I can research and come up with safety tips for you. After all, we are all technically fuck-mates, and we need to watch out for each other

Yours sincerely,
Your repented basher,
Nkechi Bianze

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