Have you got your priorities straight?


One of the problems the average young person or young adult has is misplaced priorities. We are more bothered about things that don’t really matter or have good standing in our future than we are about things that concern our future.

We spend so much time and energy on the present while we should be focusing on the future. We complain about being unemployed, when the resources to being self employed is lying to waste with us and around us.

If you are using a mobile phone that’s thirty thousand naira and above and still unemployed,  something is seriously wrong with you.

If you use jewellery as costly as fifty thousand naira and you still ask for money from people, honestly your priorities are not set right.

Sometimes, the business capital you’re looking for is the weave-on on your head, the jewellery on your neck, ears, wrist and ankles. It’s the Air Nikes on your feet or the iPhone you bugged your uncle for.

Sell of those things and start up your business. You can’t be unemployed and be dressing like a CEO, that’s the reason no one is taking you seriously.

You’re using an iPad but earn nothing at the end of a month,  you think it’s wisdom? It’s stupidity, please.

Get your priorities right and get yourself independent. It will save you the stress of looking stupid.

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