Gov Rochas Okorocha and his ilk just make one tired of being Nigerian


I am tempted to just ignore any thoughts of  and news on Nigeria. The once-sick nation is now nothing but a leprous eyesore. Now we have governors like Rochas Okorocha who cannot even restrain themselves on twitter. A tweet showed JJ. Omojuwa allegedly asking if another statue will be unveiled like the “Zuma Statue” in Imo State. According to the screenshots, an obviously infuriated Governor Rochas Okorocha replied by calling him “stupid”.

This is a classic case of “broda agbaya!” You did something Nigerians found reprehensible and illogical on many grounds, the next approach is to start “trumping” people on twitter? Do you even consider how this reads to the whole world?

Imo state governor builds a statue of President Zuma when Nigerian students in South Africa struggle to find bursaries or get jobs. If Nigeria would be half as discriminatory to African nations as is seen here in SA, we would have more Nigerians staying or returning home to job security. One of the reasons SA beats Nigeria in GDP per capita is because businesses and jobs here are indigenous. Nigeria merely pushed for indigenization act only to hand everything back to everybody and anybody. Not only has the governor spent so much on a load of “wasteful aggrandizement,” he is busy calling names on twitter and cannot even own up to it.

South Africa to Nigeria has a whole gap of about $5000 to $2000 GDP per capita and Rochas thinks the next best thing is to raise a monument for Zuma? You think they care how many idols you erect? Why not tell Zuma the truth about protecting African lives; North, West, East or South? A Nigerian student was killed days before your monument, but of course, you don’t follow the news except the ones that sing your praises. Every Nigerian here in South Africa is suspected of drug trafficking and could be killed!

It is just clear that Nigerians are captives to politicians and the military. We are like the sacrificial animals that get flung to terrorists and foreign powers.

These people ridicule us with their monuments. They threaten us with withheld salaries and brute force. And when terror comes knocking, they open the door and send our children into the lion’s den for a feast!

We know our enemies and it’s no longer foreigners or terrorists; it is these people who swear under oath to protect the interest we vest in them.  All they do is court the devil and his mercenaries. God, how I detest the thought that I have no other place to call home. What use will it be that after all my search to improve my circumstances in life, I will still end up returning to the death trap we call a country?

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