Naira rate changes for Hajj! Government and religion screwing Nigerians since 19-kpiridim


Well, Religion must have a huge John Thomas, so huge it fawks our brains out, literally.

My friend and manufacturer, Ibitola Latunji of Uyai Naturals, will painstakingly access forex at 380 naira or more more to 1 dollar. Same thing Chukwudi in Aba does or Idongesit in Alaba. You can check online business marketers and traders. They all do the same. All startup and passionate entrepreneurs, all economic drivers who use their wit and sweat to spine our recessive economy. They’re all at it – trying to make a dollar out of fifteen cents…or out of fifty naira.

But because of our penchant for iranu and precision at para-prioritising, this Federal Government decided to make dollar available at subsidised rates for pilgrims seeking validation in Mecca or Medina or Jerusalem: 197 naira.


Just negodu this nonsense:

I have 3 comments:

  1. This does not make sense.
  2. This does not make sense.
  3. This does not make sense.

It just doesn’t make sense! Not even considering the Islamic tenet that says this Hajj rite shouldn’t be done out of or with any iota of inconvenience. And that vanity that oozes from anyone that affixes “JP” (Jerusalem Pilgrimage) to their names.

Did I mention the parents who can’t access forex to pay tuition for their wards overseas?

Well, I’ll say it again, Religion must have a huge John Thomas, so huge it fawks our brains out, literally.

Wait fess, let me go an check Garba Shehu or Femi Adesina’s walls, or that other Aso-rock clown that tweeted trash some days ago, I’m sure one of them would have tweeted this as a Buharical democratic dividend.

Chai, I’m sad! Sad!! ???

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  • What was the economic situation of the nation then? Besides, most of us faulted the gesture then on the ground that religion is a private life. Buhari must separate his religion from governance if he must look serious in leadership for once. What’s the need spending that kind of money to subsidize a personal religious obligation when so many families in nigeria could no longer feed atleast twice a day, or when many of our children studying abroad are being withdrawn by their parents on account of non availability of fund/forex to pay for their school fees?
    That it was done for one particular religion in the past does not mean that it must continue, even when it’s obvious that our economy is nose-diving. Buhari is yet to settle down in governance of sound leadership.

  • @ Alade, is not about Jonathan, Buhari nor the religion they are affiliated to, is about us, Nigeria and it state of economy. Let anybody do this “subsidy” over and over again what’s wrong is wrong.

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