Governor Ajimobi disgraces himself as he mocks and threatens protesting LAUTECHS students

governor ajimobi

Senator Ajimobi the sitting governor of Oyo state thinks that young students should call him “Oga” while addressing their grievances in a public space. “Oga” wants the children to crawl to him begging for their future. In fact this is evidence enough that Nigeria is not in a recession; it is in the pocket of these power-drunk politicians. The video of his speech is a dance of shame when placed side by side with how civilised nations address their youth! Ahh this nation is in a deep mess!

People say we should respect elders but the rate at which our elders are using sand to play, I think it is time we drag them in sand pits and maybe a good flogging would bring back the “respect” they are craving for.

Of all the issues to address, Ajimobi thinks the youth should be more concerned about looking like students when coming to a protest. He thinks 8 months of a deadlock is not as important as the tone with which they addressed him. This poor excuse for a governor thinks the students cannot do anything as he is the almighty “constituted authority“. He dared the students to do their worst, he shouted back like an animal, like he was not a trustee who is laboured with the task of ensuring the rights of citizens are secured.

This video would make any Nigerian ashamed of what we’ve become. The students would probably go back home grumbling; the security men would guard the governor till he leaves, and life will return to normal. Ladoke Akintola University of Technology will remain under lock and key, the students whose futures are at stake have heard from their government that nothing can be done until they learn to respect their elders.

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