Governor Fayose Vs The Rest Of Us: The ‘Mad Dog’ Saga.


Our ‘Governor of the year’, Governor Peter Ayodele Fayose is in the news again. This time he’s got an axe to grind against the EFCC, Mr. Femi Falana, Zenith Bank, Mrs. Aisha Buhari, his usual target, President Buhari and any other person or institution he suspects of wanting to get him indicted for his indiscretions. And he won’t spare any weapon at his disposal, including those of ‘mass destruction’, at demobilising these perceived foes of his.

The EFCC’s ‘unpardonable sin’ was that it froze Mr. Fayose’s Zenith Bank accounts as part of its investigation into the sum of N4.7 billion he allegedly received from the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA) during his election campaign in 2014. Mr. Fayose denies receiving any money from the ONSA. He also says that the EFCC has no right to investigate him as he is a serving governor, covered by immunity.

Meanwhile, Mr. Fayose’s campaign manager during the 2014 Ekiti governorship election, Dr. Tope Aluko, has come out to say that the election was rigged with the help of the security apparatus and that the said N4.7billion was flown in cash from Abuja to Ekiti through Akure. We also have the Ekitigate audio secretly recorded by Captain Koli in the public space to corroborate Dr. Aluko’s assertion. The Nigeria Army has since conducted a court martial which indicted all the soldiers involved in the same election scandal. Most of them have been summarily dismissed from service.

Characteristically, the Governor has responded not with the decorum expected of a public official but with a lousy defilement of the public space with his gangster behaviour and uncouth utterances rather than submit himself to the law and clear his name through the courts if he indeed believes that he has a case. Instead, he has attempted to throw mud at anyone or institution that could indict him. He accuses Zenith Bank of lying about the source of the money that was traced to his account but the bank has since denied that it contributed more than N50m to the campaign.

Fayose accuses Zenith Bank of sponsoring his campaign. Zenith bank denies it fully. Then a picture emerges of an alleged Zenith bank staff member kneeling down to beg the governor. Only in Nigeria!k

Mr. Fayose accuses the President of owning an estate in Abuja which he did not declare in his asset declaration form with the Code of Conduct Bureau, without any proof. This he says makes it untenable for the presidency or any of its agencies to investigate him since, according to him, the President is also corrupt.

The President’s wife is also not left out. He alleges that she was indicted in a bribe scandal that saw a former US congressman, William Jefferson, jailed. It has since emerged that she is not the same Aisha Buhari that was indicted. In anger, the president’s wife published a tweet in which she called Mr. Fayose a ‘mad dog’. She later deleted the tweet and had her lawyers write him a letter demanding a withdrawal of the accusation within 5 days or she seeks redress in court.

Mr Fayose says that Mr. Femi Falana who was involved in the Army’s court martial had a sinister motive for getting involved. You wonder how doing his job as a lawyer constitutes a plot to have the governor removed. Except of course the governor is culpable, which he could be, judging by the facts in the public domain, hence his wild attempts at deflecting them away.

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  • The call u adewumi u have no respect but u are irresponsible and stupid and Dat is why no body In ur lineage have ever be a principal talk less of governor u talk any how on phone learn to respect people Dat are not ur class

  • If you check the names of those in support of the issue at stake you will not waste your time to urge with them cos to some of them money is money no matter the source. Akita continua

  • Great governor of is people y u people on social mad dog him does you people benefit anything from fayose or buhari even buhari is a betrayal he betra all Nigerian betra is brothers betra Yoruba people so what are you people saying about fayose is fighting for is people don’t mad dog him

  • If you say gov fayose is a mad dog.your entire generation shall remain dogs for ever and ever. I can see illiterates insulting a great man whom god has chosen to lead the ekiti state. Some of you are suffering from depression and anxiety attack. Juvenal deliguecy. Malnutrition and hunger inflicted upon you by APC and buhari and you are foolishly insulting a gov who defeated 2 incumbent govs.

  • The Best Governor of all time. I love you morethan Any other governor. I am from Imo state but I so much respect you my mentor. You are my Role model. We need to stand up for this man.

  • Some idiot can never talk with out calling igbo y.just dat there r alway at the part of trueth.i blame yorubas who allow illitrate hausas to b using them when it come to politics.the r educated but so appear so cheep when it come in to politics.coming to fayose,my pple sald dat,kill dat strong mam,kill dat dat strong man there wil b a tym when some thing wil happen the wil b lukin for dat strong person.may by then the might have the strong man.yoruba pple to my sense of reasonin i can c dat many of u dot lik fayose cus of buhari,i wil advise u pple to go after him and bring him for buhari to kil just the way u pple kil mko.dat just my advice nothing more.political stinch

  • Austin Eze. Its you,and entire family,that are mad and needed rehab at the psychiatric ward. Oloriburukwu omo ale. Its people like you that should be sent back to the zoo amd locked up. Stupid foolish motherfucker.

  • @austin eze. I dont know which university you got your fake certificate from. Surely you must be a motor boy, a tout, or ogogoro seller. You are a replica of a mad dog,trending or making comments on fb.instead of addressing issues of your governor without tax clearance. May i ask,are you from ekiti state?

  • Yorubas did not worship position or money like igbos,you people should out of yoruba issue.When yar’dua die in office our leaders troop out to make sure gej become president and during the 2011 election yoruba again voted massively for him with all this support what did yoruba benefit from that corrupt government nothing.GEJ then become a regional tribal presifent instead of nigeria president.Fayode is not a yoruba respected leaders and nobody can make it happen,when the chips are down yoruba know their true leader if igbos were so much in love with fayose they are ftee to make him one of their criminal governor or leader who care?

  • Fayose never said he was covered from being investigated by immunity. He said you can investigate but you cannot prosecute him until 2019. On the freezing of his account, the Efcc has no power to do that without a court order. Its only in Nigeria that you are arrested before being investigated.

  • When Ameachi was insulting Jonathan the hausa’s were praising him,now the igbo’s are praising fayose the hausa’s are crying calling igbo name’s pls i want to ask what has the igbo’s done to other ethnic group?

  • This is exactly how mko brothers betrayed him and they are still planing same to Fayose and Fani Kayode all in name politics.Amaechi insulted the former president heaven did not fall.Why always you?

  • In all this issues, who will I blame? Fayose No this man is only baring his mind on issues like any opposition will do. Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa doesn’t matter. D question is! Is d government right in his way of fighting corruption? 4me No. It’s just going about silencing opposition who ur saying d truth. U ur investigating funds PDP used 4 campaign, did Angel Gabriel bring that of APC 4rm heaven? U ur freezing d account of a sitting governor without a court order, is that democracy? No it’s simply wanting to silenced opposition. This is not how to run a government. Fayose or no Fayose this is dictatorship. This is my stand.

  • @comedian ugodie i am not here to xchage world wirh u k.but i wil advice u to kil fayose just the way u pple kil mko.idiot.let me tel u,tym shal come u pple wul b lukin for person like fayose,while it may b too late

  • @ Udoh Andrew we all had a fair idea of what happened between 1999 and 2015. Can you quantify the lives lost as result of BH war. Have you forgotten that some soldiers were sentenced to death for refusing to go to war for lack of weapons? Do you know that alot of women are now widows and children fatherless as a result of this singular action? What if you or I had lost a relation in BH war be sincere what would have be going through our minds now? It’s not just probing election funds but embezzlement of money for procurement of weapons for our soldiers. This Dasukigate how many APC or PDP decampee were mentioned? AIT got 2.1billion out of the money.Where you happy the way our soldiers were be killed in battle front including soldiers from Igboland and others? Note this not just campaign funds it was funds meant for arms purchase. APC members can be accused of state funds all the same. Even the decampee from PDP how many of them have been mentioned? I know gov Nyako( former )APC is in court too.PMB will not be there forever let the next govt do the same thing

  • It is u & ur likes that will be looking for an irresponsible man like fayose: sometimes, some people are known by their comments. Just advise the rogue to answer for the money he & the obanikoros have just been found to have stolen.

    • U can say what u like though unfounded, but I bet u, most Nigerians love Fayose for his stand for the people and truth . And I’m sure u won’t be preferred to him. Please appreciate him for once. He chose to be with the masses, the first governor ever in Nigeria

  • Fayose still remains the best opposition Governer so far. I love his style so much. When people begin to use power that be to harrass you at the national level, he too would use his mouth and also the power that be at the state level to defend himself. A fearless and bold governor that knows the powers weld around his office. Not like others who the power that be had turned them to rats.

  • Fayose have indicted himself on election matters. He openly said Zenith Bank sponsored his election. Under company n allied law. He Fayose have also implicated Zenith Bank. He will now be tried on election matters. I know some idiots will say immunity covers him on dis. Abia Governor on my mind.

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