The greatest need of a man is not sex or food but respect kwa?


Please, why do people like saying that the most important need of a married from his wife  is not sex or food but respect? What is that?  Abeg, I need the sex oh! In fact it is one of my greatest needs. Which one is I can get it anywhere? A man would not want to get it from anywhere else in the first place when he has his own woman to enjoy it with.

As for food, e be like say hunger never do una. Dhas why una dey blow plenty grammar. Besides you haven’t tasted the food of a woman who love you scatter. The amount of obstacles in the soup, the aroma of the beans, the freshness of the fruits and sweetness of the stews…I’m already salivating just thinking of it.

Please, I have plenty respect. I have it in so many places and from so many people, e dey taya me sometimes. No be mouth.

Please na de sex and de food I need pass. Besides why would I be marrying a woman who doesn’t respect me in the first place? Una too dey overdo with all dese una spiro and emotional stuff for this life.

Must everything be deep and complex? I want plenty sex and food please. You people don’t even talk about companionship or having a helper and encourager. Na only respect.

Abeg, continue your journey respectfully, and allow people like me enjoy our food, gymnastics and callisthenics display. 


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