GTB job interview and MMM: Desperation and unemployment make our youth fall for obvious SCAMS


I don’t even know who to blame in this situation. Desperation will make a normally sane person do insane things. Poverty, the need to feed, and the pursuit of happiness will make you take risks that make no sense. And even while doing outrageous things to get a job or income, you tell yourself “It’ll be worth it when it all works out”. These job hoaxes and the recent interest in MMM in Nigeria is proof positive that desperation will lead us all to the edge of destruction.

Yesterday, hundreds of unemployed Nigerian youths fell for a fake recruitment advert sent out via Whatsapp. Apparently, a prankster sent out the message, claiming that Guaranty Trust Bank was recruiting for its call centre. B.Sc holders were asked to assemble for interviews by 9am in VI, Lagos.

Lord God. These young people poured in in their hundreds, some of them from outside Lagos. They arrived formally dressed only to discover that it was a hoax. Please take a look at the advert below and see what could possibly have given it away:



Anything jumping out immediately as to why this might not be legit? No? Well, fret not, a Tweeter has helped us solve the puzzle:




Sigh. Graduates. Who think jobs are found by ‘asking for Niyi’. And then, just as I was about to get scathing on the quality of graduates we are producing these days, I saw this comment on one of the popular blogs:



And this is the actual problem. Desperation. Even mothers are desperate: “Just go and see. What’s the worst that can happen?”

Moku Mogbe Modaran – MMM in Nigeria Causing Uproar

Unemployment is making grown folk lose their God-given minds. A ponzi scheme that was simply recycled is in Nigeria and our youth are celebrating over nonsense. The scheme that originated in Russia was not changed or altered in any way. There is extensive documentation that this scheme has led to bankruptcy, tears and even suicide. The originator of the scheme was incarcerated for years for the precise reason being that IT IS A SCAM.

The scam made its way to Zimbabwe and Kenya, leaving devastated victims in its wake. But you try and tell young, gullible Nigerians this and you get:

©Olufunke Phillips - Facebook 2
©Olufunke Phillips – Facebook| An MMM believer responds to news that the scheme is a scam


©Olufunke Phillips - Facebook 1
©Olufunke Phillips – Facebook 1


©Ijeoma Ogwuegbu Uduma – Facebook


©Olufunke Phillips – Facebook| An MMM believer responds to news that the scheme is a scam



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