Hail Bey! Beyonce Knowles, the Redeemer Liveth!


Beyonce Knowles has done something outrageous?? No, in fact, in my opinion, she is a fascinating answer!

So you wanted to know if God lives inside buildings built by men? Well, first know that Beyonce has bought a church.

This woman has been called a prostitute, a worshipper of the illuminati, the devil’s wife, and what have you. I am pretty sure that, to the religious, she represents everything that cannot be God.

So why was she able to comfortably purchase a church? The church a lot of us so religiously attend every Sunday.

Imagine this for a minute, what if it was your church she bought? Next Sunday, your Pastor comes up to preach, and announces that Beyonce is the new owner of your church. Will you choke on that and die?

A “Beyonce Mass” has been organised at the Grace Cathedral Church, San Francisco. This mass was organised by a woman, Rev. Yolanda Norton. The exclusion of women and blacks in society inspired this woman to connect with a popular icon whose life says “NO” to such irrational exclusions. A second Rev. Jude Hammon also presided. They both believe that Beyonce’s music has spirit; message and that it would bring people back to church.

And yes, the church was packed full.

Years back, the church was at the forefront of the fight against racism, but in Nigeria, till today, all fingers are not equal, especially inside the church.

I grew up in a home where both my parents were ministers. They still are.

I attended a church with them where men practically massaged their egos with relegating women to the back rows: A church that preached messages exhorting women to be quiet.

Do you think they represent the church of Christ? Beyonce with the right amount of money could buy almost every church in Nigeria. The liberation of women is becoming so painfully viral, because men are too busy arguing over whether their women should be allowed to speak or not.

Religion has been used to push ideologies that cannot even make heaven. You would think that after spending all your life treating other humans like animals because you are a man, you will be raptured as the body of Christ. If you are the body of Christ, then Beyonce knowles has every right to buy you out. If her money is what it takes to cure people of this silly gender madness, then so be it.

The blood of Jesus has no price though.

Still, at this point, I think the next move for women in investments would be to begin purchasing churches. Those buildings that make men turn into power-drunk psychopaths need to be purchased by as many Beyonces as can afford it.

If I were you, I would be waiting for when churches would start listing on Stock exchange.

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