Happy Birthday, Toni Braxton! Ten Times Toni Slayed Us With Music, Voice & Sex Appeal


If warm, molten chocolate could sing, it would certainly sound like Toni Braxton. That woman mixes sex appeal with her throaty, strong voice to create a potent swirl of slay-dom.

We have to say Happy birthday to the Queen of Sex Appeal, the goddess of sultry, the voice that simply won’t quit, and a body built for sensational thoughts.

We remember when she burst onto the scene with Breathe Again. Every single girl who had the permission or the bravery got that pixie cut o! Toni trending since 19-kpiridim:

The haircut grew longer and when Toni provided the soundtrack ‘Love Should’ve Brought You Home‘ for Boomerangthe Black film of 1992 starring Halle Berry and Eddie Murphy, we were officially in love!

By this time, we were firmly #TeamToni but then she had to go take it up a notch with a duet with Babyface – our boo thang of that decade! He’d been producing for her from time, but this time, they brought the heat into the sound booth and it was real:

And before Beyonce came with her Independent Women rhetoric, Toni had been telling women to do better, be better, or be by themselves than settle with a man who wasn’t about nothin’

Then Ms Braxton gave us all a minute to catch our breaths, and before we knew what was going on…ka-pow! Bish! Boom! She was back with long hair, ‘Unbreak My Heart‘ and the DELICIOUS Tyson Beckford #Swoon

But you should know Toni by now. She can love with the best of them, but she’s a fearless diva first and foremost and will not hesitate to tell a gurl how it is if she tries to compete with her:

Wait, do you think she stuttered? She said PLEASE!

She’ll tell the women AND the men. There’s only room for one diva:

She can do sultry, she can do sexy, and she can do fun:

BUT SHE’S ALWAYS TONI – ALWAYS TONI. And we love her for it!

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