Hmmm…is this life?? Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel and Miranda Kerr are engaged


A wise man once said, “Don’t marry for money, go to where the rich people are and marry for love!” I think Einstein said it. Him or Martin Luther King Jr. That’s why this news that Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel and Miranda Kerr are now engaged after a year of dating is paining me. It’s straightforward bad belle and I don’t mind admitting it.

When they marry all the rich men finish, what will be left for me?? This guy?

Donald Sterling
Donald Sterling – former owner of the LA Clippers. Super ugly, super racist but super rich. Mek I manage am?

The point is…this is how the world rolls. Rich people marry other rich people because they congregate in the same watering holes. They attend the same events, they meet each other on the daily.

Maybe there’s a bus conductor who is the best guy ever. Faithful, charming, transparent and upstanding. But he’ll never meet a heiress. Cos she doesn’t take buses. And even if she did, her PA would probably be the one handling the small change.

Evan Spiegel and Miranda Kerr first met at a dinner for Louis Vuitton in Los Angeles and became friends. You see what I mean? Don’t forget that this is the saaaame Miranda Kerr who was previously married to Orlando Bloom and has a son by him! Ugh! Some people just have all the luck!

Anyway sha, they should sha congratulations. Like that like that!


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