Home Trouble (Ogun Idile), Bad Belle and A £100K Aston Martin

Gary Brissett Aston Martin

People make me tired, I swear. They refuse to go and wash their head on mountain top, they will just be irritating everybody else with their home trouble

Some unemployed, jobless tout, Gary Brissett, 48, was pushing his 13-month-old baby in a pram when he deliberately caused nearly £8,000 damage to an Aston Martin worth £100,000.

Gary Brissett Aston Martin

The owner of the car, Oliver Hall, had popped into the shops quickly before returning to discover damage down the full length of the passenger side of the car. The incident was captured in high-quality footage by the luxury vehicle’s dash cam, which was viewed by millions after it went viral online

When I first saw the headline a while back, I was thinking “Please don’t be black…please don’t be bla-Goddamnit!”

Now, Mr Hall has said at the sentencing “I don’t wish to see the upbringing of his child be permanently affected by a stay in prison.” The owner said this as it emerged that the Craze MacGyver was the sole carer of his child as the mother is not well.

The judge has taken this into consideration and the goat (who is on the dole) is ordered to pay back £10/week for the courts cost, but that is all the punishment he will serve.

See his head like what I don't know.
See his head like what I don’t know.

I agree that prison is perhaps not the best place for this person: maybe by the time he comes out, he would have learnt how not to scratch it but to steal it ho-ha.

Beht…when did we take flogging off the table as a viable means of punishment? Why can’t we use palm frond to flog him so that the next time he sees even molue bus, he will run the opposite direction?

Clearly Mr Hall has looked at this guy like…abeg dis one no get 8,000 pence not talk of £8,000 but there should and must be consequences for actions otherwise I guarantee you, that man is already raising a lout in the making.

Come, am I responsible for your misfortune? That you don’t have work? That you are on the dole? That you went to give mentally-unsound person belle? Na me do you d tin? Cos why are you scratching my car tho’??

Maybe that’s why God hasn’t blessed me with Aston Martin sha. Cos me, I would have been pressing hot konk in the man’s cranium until there was a permanent dent.

Nonsense and strawberry.

What do you guys think of the whole penkele-mess?

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