Hope for peace? Putin orders ‘main part’ of Russia’s forces out of Syria


War has been raging in Syria for months now, causing anguish, displacement and death, so reports that Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin will commence the withdrawal of the main part of his troops from the war-torn country is welcome news indeed.

The Russian president is a strong and key ally of the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, and Putin’s forces’ presence in the area had helped the leading party to win back many key territories from rebel forces – although not before untold bloodshed and tragedy had happened within the region.

Today, according to the BBC, Putin announced at a key meeting at the Kremlin, “I consider the mission set for the Defence Ministry and the armed forces on the whole has been accomplished. I am therefore ordering the Defence Ministry to begin the withdrawal of the main part of our military force from the Syrian Arab Republic from tomorrow.”

This announcement does not come a moment too soon as the UN’s envoy to Syria, Staffan de Mistura has described the latest peace talks as a “moment of truth”, a last attempt to restore peace as there were no plan Bs or alternative routes to peace after these talks.

This withdrawal of troops will come as good news for most of Europe and indeed the UK as decisions on what to do with Syrian refugees, how many to take in, the cost of this war to already-established nations, and rising tensions that might have led to xenophobia and racism have caused a lot of grief in recent months.

Hopefully a peaceful conclusion will be reached with regards to this nation and we can get to the real business of rebuilding and bringing about peace.

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